The Information Difference Pegs Informatica as a Top MDM Vendor

Information Difference MDM Diagram v2This blog post feels a little bit like bragging… and OK, I guess it is pretty self-congratulatory to announce that this year, Informatica was again chosen as a leader in MDM and PIM by The Information Difference. As you may know, The Information Difference is an independent research firm that specializes in the MDM industry and each year surveys, analyzes and ranks MDM and PIM providers and customers around the world. This year, like last year, The Information Difference named Informatica tops in the space.

Why do I feel especially chuffed about this?  Because of our customers.

The research is more or less based on three categories:  customer base satisfaction, technology, and market strength. The areas where Informatica really excelled were in our product offering and in customer satisfaction – something we take very seriously here. Of course, we are pleased that our technology was tested and judged superior by the analysts, but to know that our customers are satisfied is the best result.

The Information Difference report is published annually and provides insight into the MDM and PIM market as a whole. In that analysis they concluded that the MDM sector is one of the fastest growing enterprise software markets. Informatica is positioned as a leader in the top-right corner of the MDM vendors’ landscape – a top spot among over thirty companies. We were also noted as the highest rated product offering among the small handful of market leaders.

So yes, maybe I am bragging about this rating, but since it’s coming from our customers I feel a little less boastful and a little more pleased that the services we offer and the product we provide is making the data side of our customers’ workdays a little easier.

You can download a copy of the report here. Let me know what you think.