Accenture Analytics at Informatica World 2014

Accenture Analytics at Informatica World
Accenture Analytics at Informatica World
Managing and integrating data is a critical function of the digital enterprise. Since 1999, Accenture and Informatica have collaborated to help organizations (like yours) transform their data-related issues into powerful business outcomes.

In fact, the Accenture and Informatica alliance has delivered more than 1,000 projects globally, across all major industries.

This year, Accenture will again be a Platinum sponsor of Informatica World. Accenture is also excited to be a sponsor of MDM Pre-conference Day. By attending their sessions below, you’ll learn new ways to integrate and harness actionable business insights through analytics.

  1. MDM Day: Driving Value from Business-Critical Information – Learn to drive value from business-critical info with Chuck Nardi, Managing Director, Accenture Digital – Data and Analytics
  2. MDM Day: Ask-the-Experts – Discuss MDM and PIM Integration with Hersh Shah and Sourabh Mukherjee.
  3. PaW153: From Digitally Disrupted to Digital Disruptor: Accenture’s Technology Vision 2014 – Chuck Nardi shows how, together, Accenture and Informatica are helping the new digital disruptors to get out in front of the dramatic changes digital technology and analytics are enabling.
  4. ARCH124: Implementation with a Software as a Service (SaaS) Approach – Learn how Accenture and Informatica are helping clients gain competitive advantage from their data using a SaaS approach with Steve Li

Accenture and Informatica can help you harness data and new technologies to move along your Analytics Journey to ROI. Accenture’s Informatica World sessions will show how to gain insights from data to help improve business performance and increase return from data and analytics investments.