From Retail to Me-Tail: Make Retail Marketing Strategy Relevant

What is your retail marketing strategy? Does your company want to introduce products more quickly, sell more products and leverage cross-sell and up-sell opportunities? The key to accomplishing these goals is to meet each customer’s personalized information needs.

Today‚Äôs consumers swim in a sea of excessive information. Because of this information overload, modern customers demand a relevant, interactive experience at every touch point. To provide these experiences, your company must both know your customers and have total control over your product information. Although data consistency is crucial, it isn’t sufficient. To succeed, today’s retailer must provide Commerce Relevancy by presenting each customer with product information that is complete, accurate and easy to understand.

So how can you learn more about transforming from Retail to “Me-Tail?” How can you learn to personalize your retail marketing strategy? Here are three ways:

1) Attend the Informatica World Conference on the Retail Path

The Informatica World 2014 Retail Path provides an opportunity to engage with the world’s leading retail brands and industry experts. This year’s main theme for retailers is “From Retail to Me-Tail: How Relevant is Your Marketing and Omnichannel Data to Your Customers?” The retail path covers topics like:

  1. Expanding the product assortment
  2. New product introduction
  3. Reducing supply chain costs

You will learn to create thriving customer loyalty with social, local, mobile and customer feedback. You will also learn to create unique customer experiences with relevant information, analytics, and relationships between data and people. Confirmed speakers already include representatives from Nike, Geiger/Crestline, Avnet, Autotader, Discount Tire, Intricity, Accenture and Deloitte, just to name a few. Don’t wait any longer: Register Today!

2) Attend Informatica World MDM Day

On May 12, 2014, Informatica will host a Pre-conference MDM Day. This session will focus on new product introduction and supplier costs and process optimization. Customers will talk about how they maximize customer loyalty by leveraging social, local, mobile and customer feedback. Informatica product and industry specialists will introduce innovations. They will demonstrate how to create unique customer experiences with relevant information, analytics and relationships between data and people.

3) Watch the Video