How Did Humanity Emerge from the Data Dark Ages?

A hundred years from now people will look back at this period of time and refer to it as the Data Dark Ages.  A time when the possibilities were endless but due to siloed data fiefdoms and polluted data sets the data science warlords and their minions experienced an insatiable hunger for data and rampant misinformation driving them to the brink of madness.   The minions spent endless hours in the dark dungeons preparing data from raw and untreated data sources for their data science overseers.  Solutions to the worlds’ most vexing problems were solvable if only the people had abundant access to clean and safe data to drive their analytic engines.

Legend held that a wizard in the land of Informatica possessed the magic of a virtual data machine called Vibe where a legion of data engineers built an intelligent data platform to provide a limitless supply of clean, safe, secure, and reliable data.  While many had tried to build their own data platforms only those who acquired the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform powered by Vibe were able to create true value and meaning from all types of data.

As word spread about Informatica Vibe and the Intelligent Data Platform data scientists and analysts sought its magic so they could have greater predictive power over the future.  The platform could feed any type of data of any volume into a data lake where Vibe, no matter the underlying technology, prepared and managed the data, and provisioned data to the masses hungry for actionable and reliable information.

An analytics renaissance soon emerged as more organizations adopted the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform where data was freely yet securely shared, integrated and cleansed at will, matched and correlated in real-time.  The data prep minions were set free and data scientists were able to spend the majority of their time discovering true value and meaning through big data analytics.  The pace of innovation accelerated and humanity enjoyed a new era of peace and prosperity.