Baseline Data Governance With Peer Benchmarking

I’m excited to share that, since its launch in January 2013, the community has been very well received. With over 4,700 unique visitors and nearing 600 registered members, many data management practitioners recognize it as a valuable go-to resource to support their data governance efforts.  While maintaining our core objective of vendor- and product-neutrality, the site offers over 100 best practice blog posts from over 17 different contributors, shares the details on a dozen upcoming industry events, and has links to a wide variety of white papers, analyst research, recommended books, and other educational resources. 

In addition to some great analyst reviews, including a recent one from Madan Sheina at Ovum, what’s most exciting is the popularity of our free Data Governance Maturity Assessment tool. I introduced my point of view on maturity assessment tools last year, and more recently Kelle O’Neil (managing partner and founder of First San Francisco Partners) provided addition insights into how to get the most value out of both self-assessments, as well as consultative assessment services.

Well since we launched, over 100 maturity assessments have been completed across 14 industries, and that volume has allowed to deliver even more value to you – FREE benchmark reporting! enhancements available now (Showing partial screenshots):

benchmark screen shot 

  • Benchmark your assessment.  Once you complete the DG maturity assessment, you can compare how your total maturity score compares to others in your industry, region and company size. 

report screen shot

  • Benchmark each of your individual responses. After you complete your maturity assessment, you can also generate a “Detailed Benchmark” report that compares how each of your individual responses on the DG maturity assessment survey compares to all other responses, as well as those in your industry, region and company size.

detail report screen shot

This last enhancement is key: I’m not aware of any other free (or paid?) self-assessment tool that allows you to benchmark each individual competency area. 

If you haven’t already joined the community, I encourage you do to so –and I hope you enjoy these valuable new tools.