Introducing Intelligent Data Management Cloud

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Informatica Next 25 Initiative: Advancing Students in STEM

Four years ago, we launched the Informatica Next 25 initiative – a seven-year commitment focused on preparing underrepresented middle school students for careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). In partnership with The Public Education Foundation (PEF), 25 middle school students from a STEM-certified magnet school in Las Vegas were chosen to participate in... more

5 Steps to Operationalize Data Science and Machine Learning at Scale

AI/ML Trends and Challenges It’s been five years since AlphaGo, a computer program that plays the board game Go defeated the world champion using machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. And recently, we heard about AlphaFold generating proteins to solve one of the core challenges in biology. Companies like AlphaGo and AlphaFold are paving the... more

The importance of high-quality data requires constant vigilance: Dimensions of Data Quality

The second in a two-part series about monitoring data quality performance using data quality metrics.   Welcome back to part 2 of my series about the importance of high-quality data and how it requires constant vigilance. In this blog, I will look at dimensions of data quality and the validating and monitoring of data quality.... more

How to Easily Ingest Application Data into Snowflake Data Cloud

At Snowflake Summit 2021, Informatica announced New Data Loading and Advanced ELT Integrations with Snowflake Data Cloud. What are the challenges in data ingestion? The adoption of software as a service (SaaS) and cloud applications has been increasingly rapid, and they are becoming a crucial part of organizations’ success. Many organizations have already adopted a... more

API Integration and iPaaS: The Basics and Benefits

What is API integration? The technical definition is long and pretty much useless. It’s best to draw an analogy. If you think about a digital enterprise as the human body, with each part as a functioning unit – hands as CRM, brain as the ERP – then APIs are the arteries and veins through which... more

3 Ways Informatica Makes ELT and ETL on Azure Easy

Informatica recently announced the availability of the Cloud Data Integration Free Service, which fast tracks ETL/ELT data integration, transformation, and loading of priority workloads to Azure Data Services for cloud data warehousing, data lakes and analytics use cases. Don’t let “free” fool you into thinking it’s under-powered or not up for its intended enterprise use cases. Quite the contrary.  The Informatica... more

How to Navigate the Complexities of a Multi-Cloud World

Multi-cloud is the default state of business technology today, either by accident or design. As cloud adoption rapidly proliferates, it is becoming clear for organizations that a simple “one cloud fits all” approach does not meet their business needs. Organizations are using a variety of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS products to deliver cost-effective and flexible... more

Centers of Excellence (COEs) are your path to beating your competition – Part 2 (the Organization)

In this second installment, I will focus on:  Providing a sample charter  Providing examples of Guiding Principles  Reviewing examples of Operating Models  Recommending what LOBs to select first  Roles and responsibilities that an Analytics Center of Expertise and Innovation (COEI) should include  Functions and services that an Analytics COEI should provide  An example of a mature Analytics COEI organization  A... more

10 Ways AI Improves Master Data Management

Last month, we announced the Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud. One of the key attributes of our industry-first offering is AI native at scale. CLAIRE is the AI powerhouse behind our Intelligent Data Management Cloud. Built on an enterprise unified metadata foundation, it provides AI-driven automation of data management activities. In this blog post, I’ll... more

How to Create and Execute a Customer-Centricity Strategy

Customer-centricity is putting the customer first in everything you do. Think of customer-centricity as your internal customer compass. Customer experience is the impression that customers have about your company at every step of their journey with your brand. Think of customer experience as your external face to the world. Expectations for seamless, personalized experiences and... more