Introducing Intelligent Data Management Cloud

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Empowering Their Staff with the Best Data at Kelly Services

Kelly Services is a 74-year-old global leading staffing and workforce management organization. In order to provide the best experience to their customers, they needed data that they could rely on to make accurate decisions. This required building a framework and foundation with a common language around what their data means. They needed standards and consistency... more

9 Things to Look for When Choosing a Modern, Cloud-Based B2B EDI Solution

As part of digital transformation initiatives in global trade, organizations are adopting cloud applications to automate and digitize their supply chain management. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the holy grail for B2B communications and plays a critical role in supply chain modernization efforts. According to Forrester Research, the total number of global EDI transactions will... more

Financial Services: The Importance of Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud

Financial services organizations cannot afford to take short cuts when it comes to managing data for their business needs. Whether you are a credit union, a life insurance company, a retail brokerage, or a Global Systemically Important Bank (G-SIB), it is critically important to ensure every business unit, application, and end user has access to... more

Top Strategies to Stay Ahead of Changing Data Privacy Laws

Organizations are on a journey to unleash their most important asset—notwithstanding the innovators and data stewards who drive their business, of course. It’s the sensitive personal information about customers and other confidential data that is fueling digital transformation, delivering new analytic insights into consumer behavior, and unleashing new revenue streams. There’s a push to democratize data use and... more

Informatica World 2021 – The Recap

Every year, Informatica World is full of big announcements, technology innovation, and exciting industry insights and moments. Informatica World has come to be lovingly referred to as the industry’s event on data and data management, with the backdrop of the latest technology trends – such as cloud and AI. But Informatica World 2021 tops everything... more

The Time is Now: Unveiling the Intelligent Data Management Cloud

In my time with the company, Informatica has had some ground-breaking, stellar moments. But at this year’s Informatica World we announced our biggest innovation yet: the launch of Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud. This is a proud moment for us at Informatica, and we’re excited to unveil these new capabilities to our customers to help them with their digital transformations.  The time is now. The opportunity for our customers across the world is now. Our Intelligent Data... more

Delivering Data Quality for Everyone, Everywhere

Welcome back to my final blog in the Data Quality for Everyone, Everywhere series. If you did not see my previous blogs, you’ll find them here: Data Quality for Everyone, Everywhere and Why Data Quality Does Not Extend To Everyone, Everywhere Today. Given the financial and reputational impact of poor data quality, there is a... more

Introducing Intelligent Data Management Cloud

Informatica has always been at the forefront of data innovation, consistently predicting what the industry needs, in advance, and at enterprise scale. Today, I’m proud to unveil one of the most exciting innovations in our company’s history — the launch of the industry’s first Intelligent Data Management Cloud, designed to help businesses innovate with their... more

5 Tips for Finance Leaders Dealing with Finance Data Management

Current finance data management landscape Today’s dynamic marketplace calls for a new breed of finance. Finance as a function needs to transform itself to be more nimble and agile to meet stakeholder demands and serve as a true business partner rather than a back-office department focused on transactional processing and historical reporting. In other words,... more