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Data Governance – Eating the Elephant One Bite at a Time

Data governance supports many different business objectives, in areas such as cost control and risk reduction,  enabling advanced analytics to support better decision making, driving more targeted marketing campaigns to improve cross-sell and upsell, etc.. Well-designed data governance programs benefit the business via a holistic data management process that promises to deliver clean, connected and... more

Are you Ready for a Merger or Acquisition?

According to FACTSET’s June 2015 report, U.S. M&A deal activity decreased in May, going down 6.3% with 903 announcements compared to 964 in April.  However, aggregate M&A spending is increasing and on the rise.  Over the past 3 months, the sectors that have seen the biggest increases in M&A deal activity, relative to the same... more

OneAmerica’s Transformation: Great Customer Experiences Start with Great Customer Data

*Original article was posted on www.computerworld.com Customers today are looking for great experiences when they interact with companies. This means that as a consumer, they expect that all of their information can be easily found in one place when they interact with an organization. OneAmerica has been providing retirement services, life insurance and asset-based long-term... more

Are Your Ready for the “Data Tsunami” from the Affordable Care Act Ruling?

The recent Supreme Court 6-3 ruling on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) allows health insurance consumers to receive federal subsidies regardless of their state’s role in running their insurance market makes healthcare insurance coverage. I personally believe regardless of political affiliation, having health insurance coverage for all this is a good thing for our society.... more