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Messaging Challenges Over The WAN

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Many global companies, especially in the front office of capital markets, have a strategic need to send real-time data from one location to another, often thousands of miles away, over a Wide Area Network (or WAN) connection.

With foreign exchange, for example, global investment banks send dealable streaming prices, orders, trades, and reference data across the WAN. (more…)

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A-Team Low Latency Event: Big Data In Action

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the A-Team Group Low Latency Event in New York City where as you would expect, the talk was about the continued push for lower and lower latency but also the massive growth of data. If there’s ever an example of Big Data in action, Capital Market are it!

Jitesh Ghai from the Ultra Messaging Business Unit participated in panel discussion on market data and how enterprises are dealing with the incredible volumes. He highlighted how some of our customers have gained massive performance improvements and lower latency while reducing hardware infrastructure. They did this by combining marketing data hardware solutions with Ultra Messaging software for cross enterprise distribution. (more…)

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