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When was Your Last B2B Integration Health Check?

If you haven’t updated your B2B integration capabilities in the past five years, are you at risk of being left behind?  This is the age of superior customer experience and rapid time-to-value so speedy customer on-boarding and support of specialized integration services means the difference between winning and losing business.  A health check starts with asking some simple questions: (more…)

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Big Data, Big Problems: Leveraging Informatica 9.5 to Build an Effective Data Governance Strategy to Meet the Big Data Challenge

By: Chris Cingrani, Informatica DQ & MDM Practice Lead, Data Management Practice at SSG Ltd., www.ssglimited.com

Big data is something that I am continually asked about by clients, as the subject continues to gain significant press.  While discussing this topic, I often address it from the angle that bigger data volumes will result in bigger data problems.   Although this seems like a logical premise, the reality of what it really means to an organization and how to plan accordingly is what is often overlooked.  Rather than solve the problem in this blog post, I want to focus on two key considerations from a data governance standpoint, as well as discuss why SSG sees Informatica 9.5 as a core component of a sound data governance strategy that can ensure an organizations’ business decision-making success. (more…)

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Straight-Through Payments Processing: Use Data Translation And Exchange To Avoid Delays

By Nancy Atkinson, Senior Analyst, Aite Group

Karen Hsu of Informatica organized a TweetJam (#INFAtj) recently on business-to-business (B2B) payments, SEPA, and integration. In conversation with Chris Skinner of Balatro Ltd., I stayed (mostly) within the 140-character message limitations of Twitter while the hour flew by. (more…)

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State Of The Data Warehouse

Hello and welcome to my first blog on Perspectives. I’m Krish Krishnan, and you may have seen me before. I have a channel on BeyeNETWORK on Data Warehouse Architectures and Appliances.

My Perspectives blogs will be focused on data warehousing as a practice and in the coming months, I will be publishing topics on the architecture, integration challenges and share some implementation tips on data warehousing. I welcome your feedback and hope to make this one of your go-to websites for information exchange and sharing insights.

Now I want to cover the State of the Data Warehouse

Business needs today mandate the availability of data at the right time to the users, to make effective decisions. This is the promise that the data warehouse was built on. But in the real world, the data warehouse has morphed into a “big” truth repository and the business value derived from the same is perspective based. What the current data warehouse lacks is a flexible architecture from a data management and integration perspective. (more…)

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