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The Information Currency – Google’s Transparency Report

Last November saw Google announce the findings of its bi-annual Transparency Report. Interestingly, the findings revealed that government surveillance of online lives is on a sharp incline. In fact, governments around the world made nearly 21,000 requests for access to Google data in the first six months of 2012, a huge leap from the 12,539 requests reported in 2009. The US government was the biggest culprit, making 7,969 requests in the first six months of 2012, while Turkey made the most requests for content to be removed.
Despite the big numbers, this demand for data should come as no surprise. Information is increasingly being accepted as the currency of today, so it fits that demand for Google data would be so high. Data is an undeniably invaluable asset and both the private and the public sector are realising this. (more…)

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Coping With The Data Deluge

UK banks and financial regulatory bodies are currently being flooded with customer complaints about Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) and struggling to cope with the data deluge. The Telegraph recently reported on how complaints around mis-sold payment protection insurance are pouring in to the Financial Ombudsman Service at a phenomenal rate of more than 800 day, creating an enormous data backlog.

With the final bill for PPI expected to top £8billion, banks are scrambling to increase the number of employees dedicated to claims and ramp up their IT systems. It is likely that some banks are now looking to sign outsourcing contracts, but there is uncertainty around this as the mis-selling of PPI is hugely complicated. (more…)

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Know Thy Customer

There has been much discussion, particularly in the UK, about banks restricting the use of their investment and retail arms. The thinking process behind this is that investment banking is much riskier and so by drawing a clear line between the two, consumers will be better protected if another financial crisis should hit. (more…)

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The View From Over There: MDM Making Inroads With International Decision Makers

In late April I was in London to give the MDM keynote at Informatica World, and was surprised to be greeted by a standing-room-only crowd of at least 200 people. When I asked how many of those in attendance were actively engaged in or interested in evaluating MDM, at least a quarter of the room raised a hand. If I’d given the same talk two years ago, I would have expected a crowd of 100 at best, and maybe 10% of the room responding affirmatively to the same question.

Further, in discussions with conference attendees after my talk and in the days following, I got the strong impression that MDM is generating pretty intense interest in the U.K. and the larger EMEA market. While the MDM space in the U.S. has crossed the chasm from early adopters to nearly general use, I feel that Europe isn’t far behind. The interest is to the point where it feels like IT and business executives across quite a few industries are looking at MDM as a means to address a widening range of strategic business challenges. I’d say attitudes in Europe toward MDM are now very similar to where they are in the U.S.: that MDM is widely perceived as a viable technology approach to addressing business problems. (more…)

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The Science Of Picking The Perfect Bracket

With the National Championship game now set, I am certain that the results of the tournament to this point are not what the majority of us expected, which is no doubt reflected in bracket pools across the country.

If it is any consolation to those of us who had Cornell going out in the first round and Kansas winning it all, few brackets, including those of the best-known sports writers, fared much better. In fact, USA Today points out that only 12 ESPN.com brackets, out of 4.78 million entered, correctly picked the first eight teams to make the Sweet 16! (more…)

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