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The First CEP Engine: Our Brain

I was getting ready to head to Brazil for a series of presentations to insurance and banking companies. I decided I better bone up a bit and called a friend who was a disability claims investigator. Her company is contracted by employers and insurers to determine if workers compensation and disability claims are fraudulent.

She told me a fantastic story.  She detailed how a 52-year old man (name and residence not given) had gone on disability with a lower-back injury.  She had done a number of her routine checks including two face-to-face meetings and after hours spying to make sure he wasn’t faking it.  Something new she had started to do was to Google the person, which she did with this man. She told me that, sometimes she finds their Facebook accounts unlocked and easy to watch, but that wasn’t the case with him, although he did have a Twitter account. She checked out the Twitter account and saw he was a pretty active tweeter but nothing on it was suspicious.  She decided to follow him. (more…)

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