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Turn the Data Warehouse into a Glass House

Jim Harris, OCDQ

The data warehouse’s goal is timely delivery of trusted data to support decision-enabling insights. However, it’s difficult to get insights out of an environment that’s hard to see inside of. This is why, as much as is possible given the necessities of data privacy, a data warehouse should be turned into a glass house, allowing us to see data quality and business intelligence challenges as they truly are.

Trusted data is not perfect data. Trusted data is transparent data, honest about its imperfections, and realistic about the practical trade-offs between delivery and quality. You can’t fix what you can’t see, but even more important, concealing or ignoring known data quality issues is only going to decrease business users’ trust of the data warehouse. Perfect data is impossible, but the more control enforced wherever data originates, and the more monitoring performed wherever data flows, the better overall data quality will be in the warehouse. (more…)

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The Information Currency – Google’s Transparency Report

Last November saw Google announce the findings of its bi-annual Transparency Report. Interestingly, the findings revealed that government surveillance of online lives is on a sharp incline. In fact, governments around the world made nearly 21,000 requests for access to Google data in the first six months of 2012, a huge leap from the 12,539 requests reported in 2009. The US government was the biggest culprit, making 7,969 requests in the first six months of 2012, while Turkey made the most requests for content to be removed.
Despite the big numbers, this demand for data should come as no surprise. Information is increasingly being accepted as the currency of today, so it fits that demand for Google data would be so high. Data is an undeniably invaluable asset and both the private and the public sector are realising this. (more…)

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Me, Myself and Midata

Some interesting news hit UK headlines last year that companies could be made to give the public greater access to their personal transaction data in an electronic, portable and machine-readable format. That’s if the midata project has anything to do with it.

Launched in April 2011 midata is part of the UK Government’s consumer empowerment strategy, Better Choices: Better Deals. Essentially, it’s a partnership between government, consumer groups and major businesses. Its aim is to give consumers access to the data that they produce, from the likes of household utilities, and banking, to internet transactions and high street loyalty cards. (more…)

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Know Thy Customer

There has been much discussion, particularly in the UK, about banks restricting the use of their investment and retail arms. The thinking process behind this is that investment banking is much riskier and so by drawing a clear line between the two, consumers will be better protected if another financial crisis should hit. (more…)

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Data Longevity, Data Lifecycle Extension, Data Governance

There were two facets of data sharing and data release (as manifested by the concept of transparency, but can be expanded to any situation where there is data repurposing) that differ from the traditional view of data. (more…)

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What Percentage Of Your Transactions Are Processed Straight Through?

The Aite Group recently surveyed senior treasury and receivables management at 80 top US corporations.  About half of the transactions at these firms were processed straight through.  As a result, there remains a lot of opportunity to reduce costs and mitigate risk by increasing straight-through-processing (STP) of transactions.  In addition, banks can help their corporate clients get better information about their payments and posting.  For example, Treasury managers need to know where they can invest excess cash and where their funds are throughout the organizations to borrow internal cash.

At SIBOS 2010 (October 25-29 in Amsterdam), Informatica will discuss how the Informatica SWIFT Integration solution enables your customers to achieve true STP and get better information about their payments. This is especially critical given all the new regulation and industry changes that have been reflected in the latest SWIFT standard.  With Informatica’s 2010 SWIFT certified solution, organizations can: (more…)

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