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Building A Better Data Warehouse

The devil, as they say, is in the detail. Your organization might have invested years of effort and millions of dollars in an enterprise data warehouse, but unless the data in it is accurate and free of contradiction, it can lead to misinformed business decisions and wasted IT resources.

We’re seeing an increasing number of organizations confront the issue of data quality in their data warehousing environments in efforts to sharpen business insights in a challenging economic climate. Many are turning to master data management (MDM) to address the devilish data details that can undermine the value of a data warehousing investment.

Consider this: Just 24 percent of data warehouses deliver “high value” to their organizations, according to a survey by The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI).[1] Twelve percent are low value and 64 percent are moderate value “but could deliver more,” TDWI’s report states. For many organizations, questionable data quality is the reason why data warehouses fall short of their potential. (more…)

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Musings From TDWI

Las Vegas, as we all know, is the city of conventions, fantastic shows, great restaurants, and of course casinos. But one thing struck me on this visit that I hadn’t really noticed before. Each of these aspects of Las Vegas are world class in and of themselves. But when you really start to think about it, they are even more attractive as a complete set of activities which the conventioneer can pick and choose from to maximize the value of the trip – me, I chose to spend the day at TDWI sessions, dine at Bouchon, catch the Beatle’s Love show, and twice placed $5 down on #9 at the roulette table. Each of these is world class by themselves, but together, they provided an integrated experience that was greater than the sum of the parts. (more…)

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What Makes An Analytic Competitor? Here Are Four Benchmarks

It looks like we’re finally climbing out of the economic crisis that tested the mettle of many companies over the past couple of years. However, expect plenty more storms in the months and years ahead – our rough-and-tumble economy may finally start to resume growth, but rough and tumble will remain the norm. The best way to weather the current and future storms is by becoming an analytics-driven organization – from top to bottom.

Claudia Imhoff, a highly regarded proponent of business intelligence and data warehousing, recently conducted a series of Webcasts over at the TDWI site that contemplated the role of BI and analytics to get organizations through the tough times.  (more…)

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“Unified Data Management” Study By TDWI

Philip Russom at TDWI is doing an interesting study on the concept of Unified Data Management (UDM).  In fact, we thought it was interesting enough to sponsor the report, along with some other vendors.

Philip’s preamble:  “In most organizations today, data is managed in isolated silos by independent teams using data management tools for data integration, data quality, metadata management, master data management, content management, and so on. However, there’s a trend toward unified data management (UDM), a practice that holistically coordinates teams and integrates tools.”

Are you starting to manage these data disciplines more holistically?  If so, I encourage you to participate in TDWI’s survey.  We’d really love to understand better how you are thinking about things.  It just takes 10 minutes.

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