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Catching The Dodgers And Raising Taxes – Without “Raising Taxes”

What a year it’s been.  The financial markets have been in turmoil and we’re deep inside a recession.  I pay my taxes, as I’m sure you do, but I’m convinced that many others don’t.  I don’t mind paying – honest, I don’t.  What I object to is the thought that others are not paying their fair share.  Sometimes this may be through an innocent misunderstanding, but sometimes I’m sure it’s through deliberate action.  Can I call these people “dodgers”?

So how can we catch the tax dodgers?  If we can catch them, then maybe our state and local government offices can continue to provide the level of service we’ve expected of them rather than having to cut-back in light of the recession we find ourselves in.

I was reading about a number of examples where state authorities have actually been raising taxes … without raising taxes.  Sounds implausible doesn’t it?

For example, the State of Texas uses data integration technology to recover $70 million per year in uncollected sales and use taxes.  How do they do this?  They use Identity Resolution, technology which enables companies and government organizations to search and match identity data in batch and real-time.  Have a look at our website to understand how Identity Resolution is helping organizations find criminals, uncover tax fraud and help ‘raise’ taxes without really raising taxes.

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