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Is The Data Explosion Impacting You? How Do You Compare To Your Peers?

The digitization of everything is creating a data explosion near you. Whether data is accumulating in the data center, in the cloud, on your laptop or mobile device, sometimes too much of something isn’t always a good thing. In a recent webinar cohosted by Informatica and Symantec,  we polled our listeners to find out how the data explosion was impacting them.  We also asked what type of unstructured and structured data is growing the fastest. Check out what they said. (more…)

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Data Masking Can Avoid A Data Breach

On Friday June 10th USA Today’s front page had an article about companies being required to report data breaches entitled: Citigroup latest to report data breach.


This was on the heels of Citigroup’s acknowledgement a day earlier on a major data breach of customer account information that occurred. Thus far in 2011, there have been 251 reported data breaches, which is on track to meet or exceed last year’s total of 597 data breaches. The article went on to reference a recent survey by Symantec and the Ponemon Institute which included 51 data breaches and indicated that each data breach costs an average of $7.2 million, and the costs continue to climb. (more…)

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Informatica + Symantec = Shrink Big Data + Shrink Big Backups

Earlier this month, during the 2011 Symantec Vision Conference (Las Vegas, NV), Symantec and Informatica announced an exciting new partnership to help customers rein in data growth and ensure compliance across all enterprise data.  Symantec will resell Informatica Data Archive, Informatica’s database archiving solution to Enterprise Vault and Netbackup customers.  By combining database archiving with Symantec’s market leading data protection, email and file archiving solutions, customers can now implement a universal approach to data archiving that spans structured and unstructured data. (more…)

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