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When was Your Last B2B Integration Health Check?

If you haven’t updated your B2B integration capabilities in the past five years, are you at risk of being left behind?  This is the age of superior customer experience and rapid time-to-value so speedy customer on-boarding and support of specialized integration services means the difference between winning and losing business.  A health check starts with asking some simple questions: (more…)

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Building A Business Case For Data Quality: Identify Business Impact

Building A Business Case For Data Quality, 6 of a 7-part series

Once you identify the many data anomalies, you need to work with the business to quantify the business impact. If you can’t determine the impact on the business, it either has no impact or you are talking to the wrong people. If you can’t determine the impact, you might as well stop right there or find another area to look at:


No impact = No reason to fix it = No money (more…)

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