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What Do I Mean When I Say Data Migration?

Over the next few months on the Perspectives blog, I would like to address the many facets of what makes a data migration project work, what makes it successful (and what defines success, for that matter).  I am approaching this from the perspective of best practices, including processes, skills and, of course, tools.  As a jumpstart, this post and the next five will cover ‘The Five Pitfalls of Data Migration’.  These are five key areas that anyone starting a data migration, or in the midst of one, must consider.

First things first.  What do I mean when I say data migration?  Generally there are two types of data migration, the storage data migration to address a server or database upgrade, requiring little or no data transformation.  The application data migration addresses an application replacement, upgrade or consolidation, and requires a significant amount of data transformation.  You may be moving to a new version of your CRM application, or consolidating a single view of customer database following an acquisition.  Your organization may be embarking on a modernization program, and moving from legacy bespoke applications to a new off the shelf solution.  Whatever the driver, there are good sound approaches to include when planning your strategy. (more…)

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