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Social MDM and Future Competitive Intelligence

As if Master Data Management (MDM) as we know it today isn’t hard enough, we may have new challenges (and opportunities) ahead related to the drastic growing of social networks and the appetite among organizations for digging into big data.

In traditional MDM we aim to optimize the identification and descriptions of the who, what and where in traditional systems of record. Basically we handle our own products, our present suppliers, our current customers and known prospects and the related locations. When moving on to Social MDM we aim to link those entities to the who, what and where in systems of engagement so we may better handle descriptions of our own products, collaborate with suppliers and follow our customers and known prospects footprint in the digital world. (more…)

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The Power of Data: From Traditional Loyalty Marketing, to Social Marketing to Mobile Marketing

Last week at our worldwide users’ conference, Informatica World 2012  we outlined a vision for the future of marketing. Through specific keynote demonstrations we showcased how to open up new channels to market through social and mobile marketing. These advances can only be delivered through a clear and pragmatic understanding of data combined with trust – data about your customers and their trust in you to open up their social networks and invite you in. (more…)

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