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Harnessing Social Media With Informatica

Improving sales and service through customer centricity requires listening to and understanding your customers. And where are customers speaking these days?

You guessed it—social media. Just think about it. Each day, customers tweet 50 million times on Twitter and update their Facebook status 60 million times. Add in LinkedIn and user reviews and YouTube and blog commentary and more and you’ve got a customer data gold mine and a new frontier for marketing.


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Cloud Integration: Wilford Brimley, The Achilles Heel And One Big Buzzkill

Recently Dave Linthicum has been writing more and more about the importance of data integration to cloud computing success. A few months ago he wrote about the integration challenges of cloud computing, which made me wonder if he was becoming the Wilford Brimley of the cloud reminding us all to eat our oatmeal. Earlier this month he referred to data integration as the “Achilles Heel” of cloud computing in a post which has led to some interesting comments and a few interesting articles. And finally last week he wrote about the cloud data integration buzzkill in a great InfoWorld post that outlined the common scenario where “cloud euphoria” is disrupted when these awful words are uttered once your first SaaS application is successfully implemented:

What about integrating the data back in the enterprise? How is our data in the cloud going to sync up with our other core enterprise systems?” (more…)

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