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Think of MDM as the Social Butterfly Sorting Out “Who’s Who?” at the Systems and Applications Party

I hosted a party last weekend. My friend Tara who works at a recruiting firm wanted to understand the value of master data management (MDM). Her firm, which operates across the country, is struggling with inconsistent and duplicate candidate information in their recruiting software.

Tara may have just placed candidate “Anita Gupta” at Company A and updated her record in the recruiting system to show that Anita was “just hired.” The recruiting firm will get their fee and Tara her bonus if Anita stays 90 days. (more…)

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New Aberdeen Survey Confirms MDM’s Value For Customer Centricity

Some companies are achieving high customer satisfaction, increasing sales revenue, and reducing business and IT costs related to customer data. They’re improving internal productivity for sales, marketing and customer service while minimizing customer churn.

But other companies are not. They suffer high customer churn, poor productivity, and sluggish sales. When it comes to customer centricity, what differentiates best-in-class performers from the laggards? (more…)

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With MDM, Customer Centricity Also Helps With Customer Privacy Compliance

Organizations considering master data management (MDM) to support customer centricity often focus on how MDM can help them attract and retain customers and drive revenue through a complete customer view. They also assess the productivity gains of sparing sales and service teams from hunting for customer data in disparate applications.

It’s important to consider another effect that MDM can have on your organization—enabling compliance with current and future consumer privacy regulations. (more…)

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Building An Effective Business Case For MDM

If you work in IT, you’re aware of the many problems and challenges that bad data can pose for your organization. You know that master data management (MDM) and data quality could address a lot of those issues and give business users the timely and trusted data they need to operate effectively.

Your IT team can map out a plan to implement MDM to support a number of business processes and operations. Most commonly we see three major types of MDM business cases: (more…)

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Want To Make Sure Your Customer Experience Work Stays On Track?

Manage these Seven Inhibitors of Customer Experience Work Success

1. Starting with a mantra, not an action plan.

  • Often companies decide that they want to get some early traction by telling everyone to “focus on customer experience.”  What happens next is that people realize this is a big corporate priority and begin making plans, creating new scorecards, and taking action.
  • This proliferates the silo-based approach to actions that is contrary to the discipline of experience development and management.  A lot of action occurs, executives get a “false positive” that action is occurring and traction is happening, but it eventually stalls out because the actions don’t tie together and aggregate up to improve complete end-to-end customer experiences. (more…)
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Solving Customer Data Problems With MDM–Find Out How At The Customer Data Forum

Have you ever received an offer from a company for a product you already own? How about two identical offers for the same product… or even three offers? It’s not uncommon. With all the great applications for campaign management and customer relationship management (CRM) that companies have implemented, how do these costly mistakes keep happening? (more…)

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MDM:Why Attend The Customer Data Forum?

You will learn how business and IT can collaborate to improve customer acquisition and retention, which I bet is one of your company’s top three business imperatives.

Your marketers, salespeople and customer service reps may be brilliant. They may have stellar strategies on how to better meet customer needs and create an outstanding customer experience—one that exceeds the experience your competitors are providing.  But without access to the complete customer data they need, they are being held back from achieving their revenue and profit potential. (more…)

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MDM: 5 Questions Companies Must Tackle To Attract & Retain Customers

Tackle the Data Challenges Impeding Your Company from Attracting & Retaining Customers

In discussions with our top customers and industry experts, it’s become clear why best-in-class companies are best-in-class at attracting and retaining customers.

Best-in-class companies recognize that there are sides to the customer centricity equation, which need to be addressed in tandem to truly impact customer acquisition and retention: (more…)

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Customer Success With Informatica Customer Centricity Solution (MDM At The Core)

Everybody knows that one sure way to improve customer experience and increase revenue is to better leverage your data. Because of this, companies have invested millions to collect information about their customers. So why hasn’t customer experience improved and revenue increased exponentially?

Attract & Retain Customers with Informatica Customer Centricity Solution (MDM at the core)

There’s a huge impediment. This valuable customer data is fragmented and trapped in inflexible data silos. How much would your bottom line benefit if you could harness that fragmented customer data and create a complete customer view for laser-focused sales, service and marketing? (more…)

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