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So You’ve Got the Paycheck, Good Benefits and a Seat on the Equity Train. So What?

If you’re an outstanding software professional, everyone knows what’s in the package these days: you’re going to get a competitive salary, great benefits and challenging work assignments. You can pat yourself on the back and say out loud: “Look Mom, I made it!”.

Really? (more…)

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Does Asia Get IT?

Tony Young, CIO in Hong Kong

I recently returned from China and Hong Kong after having met with several CIOs, media and analysts, as well as delivering keynotes focused on customer centricity. When I return to the US after traveling, I’m often asked about the state of IT in the geography I was just in. I’ve been to both China and Hong Kong several times over the past few years, and from my perspective, IT is maturing at a very rapid pace in that region.

During prior trips to Asia, it felt like the old days of data processing. I would speak with senior IT leaders and they were more concerned with the “blocking and tackling” of IT, and not looking at how IT can provide a strategic competitive advantage. Specifically in China, IT leadership was comfortable scaling by applying people to the problem rather than using commercial software. (more…)

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