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Putting Master Data In The Hands Of Business Users

As companies increasingly explore master data management (MDM), we often hear inquiries about the usability of master data by business users.

Common questions include: Do business users need to learn and use a separate MDM application? Do they need support from IT to access master data? Can master data fit into the everyday business applications they use for CRM, SFA, ERP, supply chain management, and so forth?

If your organization has ever asked these questions, you should take a look at our new white paper, “Drive Business User Adoption of Master Data.” (more…)

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Subsetting Oracle And SAP Applications

In my previous blog, we talked about the benefit of making subsets of test data from live production applications and masking them to address cost and security issues.  When the applications have simple data models where subsets can be made using a simple query on a few tables, the need to implement or purchase a solution may not be warranted.  When dealing with complex custom or packaged applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite or SAP, functional test cases are typically organized by business processes, organization, time, or a combination of each.

Complex custom applications or packaged applications contain data for multiple business processes, such as Accounts Payables or Receivables, Sales & Distribution, or Payroll.  Developing a SQL query that selects a complete subset for each of these processes for a particular business unit or geography and then masks the data while insuring the test application will continue to function is NOT a trivial task.  It requires a detailed knowledge of the data model – including all database constraints, primary and foreign key relationships, data dependencies on programs running in the application tier and any inter-application dependencies via database links or other interfaces.  It is possible to develop internally, but the time and effort required to develop and test makes the cost benefit of subsetting moot. (more…)

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