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Cloud Data Integration For Hybrid IT

Today we made a significant announcement regarding our cloud strategy under the heading of “Cloud Data Integration for Hybrid IT”.  Exciting!  We sent out various official communications such as a press release, a list of partner quotes supporting the launch here, YouTube videos showing the new release in action and a link to a launch webinar on 5th May here.  I wanted to give you my perspective on why I think this is such a big deal … (more…)

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Avoiding A Cloud Data Disaster

Cloud computing is proving to be a disruptive force when it comes to how organizations procure and manage enterprise software. The web has truly democratized who can try and buy business applications and line of business (LOB) managers have never felt more empowered to make technology purchasing decisions – in many cases bypassing the IT organization altogether. But as software as a service (SaaS) application adoption grows and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) becomes viable for IT organizations, it’s apparent that many of the traditional barriers to on-premise software implementation success are no different in the cloud.

Do these issues sound familiar?

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