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Checklist For Data Integration Platform Capabilities

As I have been discussing in my previous blogs, a data integration platform has to cover a lot of ground if it’s going to be the backbone for sharing data across a company or organization.  Below is a checklist of key capabilities that you should evaluate, but of course no checklist should be used blindly.  So a couple comments first.

First, are all of these capabilities relevant to you?  Try to think beyond the specific project you may have at hand to the different types of data integration projects others in your organization may be pursuing.  After all, the point of a platform, as opposed to a tool, is that you are trying to promote reuse and standardization across the organization and across different projects or initiatives.  Also, try to think of what is needed now vs. what is likely to be needed in the future.

Here are the capabilities we feel that any data integration platform worth its salt should support in order to claim that it is comprehensive: (more…)

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