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Dodd-Frank Legislation and Structured Data Retention

The “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” has recently been passed by the US federal government to regulate financial institutions. Per this legislation, there will be more “watchdog” agencies that will be auditing banks, lending and investment institutions to ensure compliance. As an example, there will be an Office of Financial Research within the Federal Treasury responsible for collecting and analyzing data. This legislation brings with it a higher risk of fines for non-compliance. (more…)

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SIFMA 2011 Wrap-Up

Upon reflection after returning with the rest of the Ultra Messaging® team from the recently-concluded SIFMA 2011 Financial Services Technology Expo, these memories came flooding back . . .

  • Grow your business, not your infrastructure – We shared the latest news about our ultra low latency messaging products and how they help a business grow, including helping with Big Data problems and Risk and Compliance.
  • Latest and greatest – Along with EMC and Kaazing, we shared the latest about our synergistic technologies. Watch this Kaazing video to hear Mike Pickett, VP of Product Marketing for Ultra Messaging, discuss the synergies with Kaazing WebSockets and Ultra Messaging for scaling streaming message data out to mobile devices and other web applications. (more…)
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What Your CEO Should Know About MDM

A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers survey of C-level executives at large multinational companies revealed an alarming gap between the value and usability of corporate data.

Some 71 percent of the executives believe their corporate data is a highly valuable asset—but just 39 percent of them feel their companies make very effective use of it, a PwC Management Barometer study reported.

In other words, most companies fail to effectively put their data to work to attract new customers, accelerate business processes, and improve performance. Is your company among the laggards? What would you say if your CEO asked you how the company could improve the usability of its corporate information?

Our new executive brief, What Your CEO Should Know About Master Data Management” takes a look at just that question. Using illustrated examples, this brief outlines a practical, step-by-step use case of how MDM can turn a company’s contradictory and disorganized information into a single, authoritative data set that drives business performance. (more…)

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