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Big Data is Here to Stay – Now We Get to Manage It

It’s official, “big data” is here to stay and the solutions, concepts, hardware and services to support these massive implementations are going to continue to grow at a rapid pace. However, every organization has their own definition of big data and how it plays in their organization. One area that we are seeing a lot of activity in is “big transaction data” for OLTP and relational databases because relational databases often lack the true management capabilities to scale transactional applications into the higher TBs and PBs.  In this post we will explore some ways that your existing OLTP system can scale without crushing IT and your budget in the process. (more…)

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Data Prefetching and Caching

Treating Big Data Performance Woes with the Data Replication Cure Blog Series – Part 3

OK, so in our last two discussions, we looked at the memory bottleneck and how even in high performance environments, there are still going to be situations in which streaming the data to where it needs to be will introduce latencies that throttle processing speed.  And I also noted that we needed some additional strategies to address that potential bottleneck, so here goes: (more…)

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The Pain is the Performance (or is it the Lack Thereof?)

Treating Big Data Performance Woes with the Data Replication Cure Blog Series – Part 1

“Big Data” is all the rage – it is virtually impossible to check out any information management media channel, online resource, or community of interest without having your eyeballs bathed in articles touting the benefits and inevitability of what has come to be known as big data. I have watched this transformation over the past few years as data warehousing and business analytics appliances have entered the mainstream. Pure and simple: what was the bleeding edge of technology twenty years ago in performance computing is now commonplace, with Hadoop being the primary platform (or more accurately, programming environment) for developing big data analytics applications. (more…)

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