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Craziest 2012 CEP Predictions – Watson, Kardashian, the BCS and More

Remember the last time you were home in the evening, there was little in your kitchen to eat but you didn’t want to go out? Then you had an idea – that you could concoct a delicious meal made from a variety of completely unrelated and forgotten frozen and semi-fresh food coupled with rarely used spices  and other odd ingredients.  That’s a lot like predicting the future. If you stay safe and conservative, you’re going to get close to what you expect. But, if you get all crazy (think stir fry Top Ramen and turkey jerky), your prediction will sound cool, but has a low probability of working out (unless you are on Top Chef). (more…)

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Being Proactive

The data quality industry is rife with people (me included) suggesting that you accustom the organization to a culture of proactivity with respect to data errors and flaws. In fact, my primary motivation to quit my job and start a new company was predicated on the idea that you could standardize formal processes for identifying errors earlier in the process flow, thereby reducing the consequential impacts downstream by fixing the errors as they occur instead of fixing them multiple times later. (more…)

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How Santa Uses CEP – Elf Productivity, Real-Time Naughty And Nice Rating

After much cajoling, I convinced the CEO of North Pole Global to give some insight into how his organization uses CEP to optimize operations and maximize productivity. For years, he’s been unwilling to say a word in fear of giving away a big competitive advantage to his competitors like Hanukkah Harry Inc. and Tooth Fairy Limited.  This year, because I’ve been extra good, the big guy has allowed me to ask a few questions, so here goes.

Me:  Has anyone actually asked for the Snuggie for Dogs?

Santa: Strangely enough, my wife has requested one but we don’t have a dog.

Me: OK, enough with the warm ups. You are a huge user of CEP. Can you tell me how you were introduced to it?

Santa: My CIO, Shorty McTechie brought it to my attention and to be honest I sat through the first five minutes day dreaming about snicker doodles.   I had to interupt him and tell him to get to the point. He said to not think about it as some complex technology but that CEP stood for Complete Elf Productivity.  That got my attention for sure. I love the little guys, but sometimes they are stuck in their old ways. I wanted new ideas, new processes and most of all adaptability.

Me: What do you mean by adaptability? (more…)

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Can Get Mo’ Satisfaction – Push it Real Good!

Quick story (depending on how fast you read). Informatica is a Bay Area company and with the San Francisco Giants competing to get into the World Series (and they did)  a couple weeks ago (and won today), it was understandable that a number of employees were tracking the game in progress. I happened to be giving an internal presentation on CEP to a group (I won’t name which one) and more than a few of the attendees were a bit unfocused. Ten minutes in, I stopped and asked “what’s the score?” I got my answer immediately and I made a point of how much we lust for real-time information that’s important to us.  Not too much longer, the person that told me the score raised his hand and said, “the Giants just scored again.”   This now turned into an even better demonstration of a person’s need to have information come to them rather than constantly asking for an update. Hence the “Push it Real Good.” (more…)

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Make Time an Asset not an Enemy

Do you know how long ago the earthquake in Haiti was?  It was 9 months ago.  For some reason, when I heard a recent report, that fact caught me off guard. Wow, 9 months ago! Next year will be 10 years after 9-11.

Just try to catch time

They say time is a constant but it certainly feels like it’s constantly speeding up and passing us by.  It’s so easy to see how time is our enemy. After all it’s the only sure roadmap to all our earthly destinies (sorry for getting philosophical for a moment).

How do we turn time into an organizational asset?  Time seems to always be the enemy when we are in a “reactive” state.  This is when something bad has already happened and we are working to fix it.

But, instrumenting both technical and business operations to sense more granular activities and identify meaningful opportunities is the key way we turn time into an asset.  So, do you fight time? Or do you take time by the horns and make it a strategic advantage?

We’ll be talking about being proactive when it comes to emergency services and public safety at Informatica World.  I’m excited to have retired NYPD detective Gary Maio (now partner at Data Vision Group) and Bellingham Fire Chief Bill Boyd (Twitter handle ‘chiefb2‘) presenting on Wednesday, November 3rd at Informatica World in Washington, DC. They’ll talk about real cases, the challenges they face and the technology currently used along with their vision for the future – a future that will make us all safer.

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