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Analytics are Like Cincinnati Chili

Ever been to Cincinnati? They have amazing chili there. Five-way chili it’s called. They stack toppings like cheese, onions, sour cream, etc. to get one, two, up to four way chili. Then chili with all the fixings served on a bed of spaghetti noodles is five-way chili. It is quite an experience and if you go all in for the five-way, it’s quite a meal. I usually take my chili three-way with cheese and onions. And at the risk of drawing the ire of Cincinnatians everywhere, I do not eat my chili on a bed of spaghetti noodles. Too much food, difficult to eat, impractical. So, how is analytics like chili? I’m going to play safe and say that analytics is not really like chili. But you can have it many different ways—at least five ways. So here I’ll outline just three ways – just how I like my chili – that Informatica OEM partners deliver analytics that embed Informatica data integration technology. (more…)

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New Year Resolutions

It’s that time again – time to reflect on the previous 12 months and make resolutions for change in the upcoming year. For me personally, the usual suspects apply: eat better, exercise more often, and spend quality time with the family. I’m happy to say that although there is always more that can be done, I usually do a pretty good job of sticking to my goals (now if only I could stay away from the dessert tray)!

Reflecting back on 2011 for the Informatica Marketplace, our resolution for the year was “Accelerate Growth” – and we exceeded even the lofty expectations we set for ourselves. Check out some of these year-end statistics: (more…)

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Alliances Partner Awards 2009 – Top SI And Technology Partners Acknowledged

Informatica’s annual sales kickoff took place in mid-January in Las Vegas. In attendance were members of over 39 partner companies, a 50% increase from 2008. I’d like to thank the attending partners, their presence and enthusiasm helped make this the most successful kickoff in Informatica history! We also recognized our top alliances partners with our annual Informatica Alliances Partner Awards. Congratulations to Accenture, Cognizant, HP and Teradata, our 2009 award winners.

Global Partner of the Year – Accenture
Global Partner of the Year 2009


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Partners Praise Informatica 9 Pervasive Data Quality

Informatica 9 debuted last November to tremendous partner support, especially around the new Data Quality capabilities and their applicability to partner solutions. This release has been in the hands of partners in early access/beta or in a generally available version for six months now.

In 2010, we are anticipating SI practices to transition to Informatica 9 Data Quality and our OEM/ISV partners pick up this release for their offerings. Here’s some early feedback that I thought I’d share: (more…)

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Informatica’s Partners Help Achieve Record Participation In Informatica 9 Launch

Informatica 9 Last Tuesday’s virtual launch of Informatica 9 was the most widely attended and covered Informatica event ever due in large part to our partners’ overwhelming support. Informatica’s partners proved themselves to be truly an extension of our own organization. Not only did we have record partner participation in the form of validating quotes for the event site and press releases that went out, our partners referred over 2,500 of their own customers to the launch event! This type of momentum is a great example of both the level of commitment we have worked to create within our network of partners and validation of the fact that our partners truly believe in the central objective of the Informatica 9 platform – to deliver relevant, trusted data when, where, and how it’s needed to support the changing needs of customers. 2009 has been a very successful year for Informatica, for the INFORM partner program and for the majority of our partner community. We look forward to the opportunities that 2010 will bring as we continue to build on the momentum created by the launch into the end of the year and beyond when we in the Alliances Organization will focus our efforts to fully enable our partner community to bring Informatica 9 to the market place through a combination of educational web seminars, demos, hands-on technical training and live events.

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Siperian Wraps Up The Best Ever User Conference!

Now that we’re back in the office from last week’s Siperian’s 5th user conference, it’s apparent that the event was quite a success. The two days went quick, which says to me that we got the format, presentations and atmosphere right. There was a lot of enthusiastic response to the technical tracks, and with 270 people, this was our largest user conference, ever!

I wrote in a previous post that multidomain MDM was emerging as Topic A at the conference, and that was definitely the case. John Radcliffe’s keynote addressed it and several customers gave presentations demonstrating multidomain implementations as well. It’s a subject we’re definitely going to be hearing a lot more about. Two other trends to watch: increasingly creative use of Siperian Business Data Director, and corporations turning to system integrator partners to gain value from MDM as quickly as possible. Our inaugural GOOEY Award winners were a clear indication on this score.

The winners, Cognizant and Wipro, are both Siperian system integration partners who have been leveraging Business Data Director to build viable and replicable business-specific solutions on top of the Siperian MDM Hub. Wipro has enhanced its Reference Data Management solution for banks with reject management analysis capability, which improves the quality of data within Siperian MDM Hub. Cognizant, focusing on data governance, added Business Data Director to its MDM-in-a-Box for Life Sciences solution, thereby helping its customers to reduce downstream data management issues and improve decision making by business users.

With 14 leading partners sponsoring the event, we received good feedback from both customers and partners on the structure, content, and speakers. Here’s to a yet another successful user conference!

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Informatica Platform Momentum with Partners

As a follow up to my last Alliances Momentum post, I wanted to call attention to a recent press release highlighting Zyme Solutions, one of our OEM partners and a leading provider of hosted channel intelligence services to the high-tech industry.

Zyme is a great example of an Informatica OEM partner that hand-coded data integration initially but to scale their business, made a buy decision and purchased/deployed Informatica’s platform for address their data integration requirements.

To start, for Zyme’s “manageable” number of data feeds and clients, hand-coding was sufficient. But Zyme had aspirations to scale their business and foresaw needs to significantly improve customer on-boarding time and to be able to process millions of transactions per week from over 140 countries around the world. And each new customer would potentially provide data in new/different formats across a wider set of industry standard message types, XML, spreadsheets and free-form text files.

The Informatica’ platform addressed these needs for Zyme and also allowed them to improve the data quality during the data processing lifecycle.

You may be facing similar challenges, either in scaling your business, improving your customer experience, broadening your market offering or other means of expansion. If you’re at a similar precipice, Informatica can help.

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Informatica Partners Win 2008 Alliances Awards

At our recent sales kickoff in Las Vegas, Informatica was privileged to host a large number of Alliance Partners culminating in the presentation of 2008’s Alliance Partner Appreciation Awards. Our entire partner ecosystem contributed immensely to Informatica’s growth and success in 2008 but we recognized four partners in particular for accomplishments in various areas. (more…)

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