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Are You Ready for Informatica University onDemand Training?

Sometimes when I watch TV, even with hundreds of channels, I believe I am going to find something interesting to watch and am often mistaken. With onDemand television programming, I can always find what I want, when I want it and watch it on my own time. When I want to pause, I pause. When I want to save, I save. It is what I want, when I want it and it is easy to find what I am looking for because things are organized clearly.

How do we take that same model and provide customers with the same flexibility for their training needs? Because there is nothing like knowing that you can implement and upgrade your Informatica products on time and within budget. (more…)

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Informatica Cloud Wins Best Cloud Management CODiE Award

I spent last week at the annual SIIA All About the Cloud Conference in San Francisco. The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) “is the principal trade association for the software and digital content industries.” They are also the organization that gives out the annual CODiE Awards, “the industry’s only peer‐review awards program, acknowledge innovation and excellence for products and services in the business software, digital content and education technology industries.”

I’m pleased to be able to say that Informatica Cloud has been recognized this year as the “Best Cloud Management Solution.”


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Cloud Integration In The Spotlight At Informatica World

In case you missed it, Informatica recently announced that over 1000 companies are now running Informatica Cloud. In fact, you can take a look at the volume of jobs and transactions running through the multi-tenant data integration service at Trust.InformaticaCloud.com to see what’s going on for yourself. Well at Informatica World this week in Washington, DC, it’s going to be difficult to miss Informatica Cloud. (more…)
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The Achilles Heel Of Cloud Computing – Data Integration

Loraine Lawson did a great job covering the topic of the integration challenges around the cloud and virtualization. She reports that “…a recent Internet Evolution column [by David Vellante] looks more broadly at the cloud integration question and concludes that insufficient integration is holding up both cloud computing and virtualization.”

In fact, what currently limits the number of cloud deployments is the lack of a clear understanding of data integration in the context of cloud computing. This is a rather easy problem to solve, but it’s often an afterthought.

The core issue is that cloud computing providers, other than Salesforce.com, don’t consider integration. Perhaps they are thinking, “If you use our cloud, then there is no reason to sync your data back to your enterprise. After all, we’re the final destination for your enterprise data, right?” Wrong. (more…)

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Informatica Recognized As One Of The 20 Coolest Cloud Infrastructure Vendors

This week ChannelWeb announced their 100 Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors. As they note:

“What makes these 100 cloud vendors collected here so cool isn’t just the technology. These guys attack the cloud with a certain panache. A sort of swagger, if you will. They get the job done and they look good doing it.”

ChannelWeb divided the “Cool Cloud Computing Vendors” into five categories:

  • 20 Coolest Cloud Platform Vendors
  • 20 Coolest Cloud Infrastructure Vendors
  • 20 Coolest Cloud Productivity App Vendors
  • 20 Coolest Cloud Storage Vendors
  • 20 Coolest Cloud Security Vendors

Informatica was recognized as a Cool Cloud Infrastructure Vendor. Here’s what they had to say: (more…)

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Cloudforce Tour – Minneapolis – Delivering Cloud Computing In Manufacturing

Cloudforce Tour logoOur fifth and final stop on the Spring ’09 salesforce.com Cloudforce Tour was Minneapolis.  This was our first visit to this mid-West business hub and we were very interested to see what types of businesses were looking at Cloud Computing and how they saw the challenges of integrating their operational systems with the new cloud-based world.  We were both surprised and overwhelmed by the attendance and the response.  You might have thought we were in the ‘show me’ state by the interest in our On Demand data integration demonstrations.

We held a CRM Integration Roundtable breakfast for a ‘standing room only’ crowd prior to the start of the day-long Cloudforce conference.  Our local customer, Andersen Windows and Doors presented an engaging case study describing a Master Data Management Hub architecture that they implemented to tie their operational systems into their Salesforce CRM system.  As with the case study presented at our last Cloudforce Roundtable, Andersen employed a combination of Informatica On Premise and On Demand solutions to bring their various operational and customer case data together to integrate into Salesforce CRM as well as to replicate Salesforce data to their centralized BI reporting system.  Their ultimate goal was to assure timely, accurate customer data across the organization to improve customer relationships and operational efficiencies. (more…)

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The Next Generation Integration Technology

Integration technology has evolved over the years from hand-coding in the 1980’s, to specialized middleware tools in the 1990’s, then to broad-based cohesive integration platforms in 2000’s.  So what happens next?  Where is integration technology going in the 2010’s?

The next generation is the Integration Factory; a highly-functional platform with sophisticated user-friendly controls that enable a high-degree of self-service and mass-customization of integration solutions and is tightly linked with management disciplines that drive continuous improvements in the end-to-end full life-cycle process.  This is quite a mouthful, and it sounds great, but 2010 is not far away so is it realistic to expect this capability to be available soon? (more…)

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Cloudforce Tour – Chicago – Improving Sales In Financial Services

Cloudforce Tour logoOur fourth stop on the Spring ’09 salesforce.com Cloudforce Tour was ‘the windy city’ of Chicago (and yes it was very windy that week). Situated in the middle of the country the Greater Chicago Area is headquarters for a diverse set of companies from large manufacturing and financial services firms to mid-sized business services organizations. The common thread seems to be that regardless of size or industry everyone is looking to reduce costs, streamline operations and improve overall operational efficiencies. SaaS applications and Cloud Computing are ideally suited to meet those objectives.

Our fourth CRM Integration Roundtable breakfast was held in conjunction with the Cloudforce conference. Attendees were treated to a case study presentation by our local customer, TransUnion who described their efforts to improve Call Center efficiencies by integrating various ‘systems of record’ to provide a true 360 degree view of the customer to their call center reps. Initially integrating five separate data sources from IBM and Oracle-based applications, enabled the call center group to increase ‘first call’ resolution rates by over 200 percent while significantly reducing incoming call times. (more…)

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Cloudforce Tour – London – Cloud Computing In Demand In EMEA

Cloudforce Tour logoOur third stop on the Spring ’09 salesforce.com Cloudforce Tour was ‘across the pond’ in London England.  Salesforce saw an early opportunity to expand the footprint (or should I saw ‘cloud print’) of their leading SaaS CRM system beyond the US and so we found a strong following and interest there.  While primarily a UK audience, the event drew enterprise users from across Europe as well as many budding startups and systems integrators looking to build cloud-based applications on the force.com platform.

We again sponsored a CRM Integration Roundtable breakfast with local prospects, and our local UK customer sportingbet presented a case study describing how they have significantly improved their overall marketing automation efforts by integrating their operational platform with their Salesforce CRM and Eloqua marketing automation systems.  Linking the three platforms together enabled them to leverage information on their customers’ service usage and behavior to more effectively target marketing programs and promotions to sustain and increase their overall business.  Essentially achieving every marketers dream (including the author’s). (more…)

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Cloudforce Tour – New York City – Cloudy In Financial Services

Cloudforce Tour logoOur second stop on the Spring ’09 salesforce.com Cloudforce Tour was New York City.  The impact of the economic downturn was clearly apparent in both the business and social conversations we had with Tour attendees.  But like the Cloudforce Tour event in Atlanta, the New York audience was very focused on SaaS and Cloud Computing and came prepared to learn what was new from salesforce.com and their partners, including Informatica On Demand.  While most were looking for ways to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies, an equal number were interested in finding innovative ways to deliver new services in the cloud.  As the Financial Services industry has been on the forefront of application development, these seasoned professionals were interested in learning how they could integrate new cloud-based applications with the back office systems and databases of their firms and their clients.  After all a cloud without integration is really just a cloud adrift.

We sponsored a CRM Integration Roundtable breakfast with local prospects, and our customer comScore presented a case study on how they are integrating and synchronizing their Salesforce CRM system data with an on premise database for operational analytics and reporting.  Their approach enables them to bring business analytics to their Sales and Marketing teams by integrating their on premise and cloud-based CRM systems while improving operational efficiency. (more…)

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