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Big Data is Here to Stay – Now We Get to Manage It

It’s official, “big data” is here to stay and the solutions, concepts, hardware and services to support these massive implementations are going to continue to grow at a rapid pace. However, every organization has their own definition of big data and how it plays in their organization. One area that we are seeing a lot of activity in is “big transaction data” for OLTP and relational databases because relational databases often lack the true management capabilities to scale transactional applications into the higher TBs and PBs.  In this post we will explore some ways that your existing OLTP system can scale without crushing IT and your budget in the process. (more…)

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Comparing Native Oracle Database Tools Versus Third PartySolutions – The Missing Link Part 2/2

In my last blog we explored the difference between database tools and the solutions that are needed to make the tools useful in complex OLTP systems. In this post we will look at how the same concepts apply to tools offered by the database vendors for table level compression techniques. As the database functionality continues to evolve it is important to know how to best leverage these powerful enabling technologies from the database vendors to deliver value to the business. (more…)

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Comparing Native Oracle Database Tools to Third Party Solutions – The Missing Link Part 1 of 2

As one of the founders of Informatica’s Smart Partitioning capability, I am constantly asked, “Why can’t we just use (insert DB vendor here) tools to accomplish the same thing?”  What a great, simple, straightforward question…and what a nuanced answer!  Instead of talking about how great our technology is or walk through all the features and functionality, I thought it would be best to answer the actual question, “Why can’t we do this on our own?” In this two part series, we will explore the manual process of implementing Oracle database partitioning and compression in complex OLTP applications. (more…)

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