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Analytics are Like Cincinnati Chili

Ever been to Cincinnati? They have amazing chili there. Five-way chili it’s called. They stack toppings like cheese, onions, sour cream, etc. to get one, two, up to four way chili. Then chili with all the fixings served on a bed of spaghetti noodles is five-way chili. It is quite an experience and if you go all in for the five-way, it’s quite a meal. I usually take my chili three-way with cheese and onions. And at the risk of drawing the ire of Cincinnatians everywhere, I do not eat my chili on a bed of spaghetti noodles. Too much food, difficult to eat, impractical. So, how is analytics like chili? I’m going to play safe and say that analytics is not really like chili. But you can have it many different ways—at least five ways. So here I’ll outline just three ways – just how I like my chili – that Informatica OEM partners deliver analytics that embed Informatica data integration technology. (more…)

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Building Applications with Muscle–The Informatica OEM Program

Growing up I had an unhealthy obsession with classic American muscle cars. I was primarily a Mopar man, but really anything with enough steel, 300 or more horsepower, and a flashy paint job would do. I spent an altogether ridiculous amount of my youth studying the details of internal combustion engines, transmissions, carburetor cfm charts, gear and compression ratios, fluids’ viscosity and myriad other intricacies to prepare me for weekends under the hood of some monster from Detroit. Every night, you could find me devouring catalogues with page upon page of parts lists with their specifications and prices. One thing that always struck me was how many original parts used in these masterpieces of engineering were designed, developed, and delivered by companies whose badge was not on the hood of the car. OEM parts these were called. Why would these carmakers rely upon relatively unknown third parties to manufacture a huge percentage of the parts used in the cars? (more…)

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Informatica Continues OEM Momentum In 2009

2009 was a banner year for Informatica’s OEM business. We grew the number of ISVs (Software Companies), BPOs (Business Process Outsourcers) and SaaS/Cloud providers who use the Informatica platform as part of/with their offerings by 24 new partners. What was really interesting throughout 2009 was the variety of use cases across the spectrum of new partners addressed by various platform capabilities. You can read about this breadth and more details on specific examples in “2009 OEM Momentum“.

For software, application or service providers faced with data acquisition, data conversion, data quality, data exchange, or other related challenges in the cloud or on premise, using the Informatica platform can alleviate that pain and allow them to focus on their core business.

With the delivery of Informatica 9 and the acquisition of Siperian, I expect that variety and growth to continue in 2010!

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Partners Praise Informatica 9 Pervasive Data Quality

Informatica 9 debuted last November to tremendous partner support, especially around the new Data Quality capabilities and their applicability to partner solutions. This release has been in the hands of partners in early access/beta or in a generally available version for six months now.

In 2010, we are anticipating SI practices to transition to Informatica 9 Data Quality and our OEM/ISV partners pick up this release for their offerings. Here’s some early feedback that I thought I’d share: (more…)

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