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TCP Performance Problems?

TCP users may be interested in an article by Stuart Cheshire, “TCP Performance Problems Caused by Interaction between Nagle’s Algorithm and Delayed ACK”, which does a nice job of explaining — with both text and graphs — an odd set of circumstances that can cause TCP performance problems with request/response messaging applications.

The good news is, this particular performance problem can be fixed in a simple way: by using double-buffering, which avoids unnecessary delays caused by said interaction, as explained below. Quoting from the article:

Send your first request, and while you’re still waiting for the response, generate and send your second. Then when you get the response for the first, generate and send your third request. This way you always have two requests outstanding. While you’re waiting for the response for request n, request n+1 is behind it in the return pipeline, conceptually pushing the data along.

But read the whole article, it’s well worth your time, and isn’t all that long. Plus: nice graphs, and who doesn’t like a nice graph? Nobody.


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Mark Lewis, EMCI spent last week at EMCWorld, and most of my time was spent engaging with customers in a variety of ways. One thing I always find interesting is the amazing consistency of priorities across our global customers.

For example, we held a session for executives, and I simply asked the open-ended question “regardless of whether it involves our products or not, what is your top IT priority this year.” The answer was clear, overwhelming and simple, yet also rather surprising.

But before I tell you the answer, I want to tell you why it was surprising to me. I keep up with the CIO surveys and the trends and buzzwords. This particular trend seems to be invisible in the media hype and yet this group of CIO’s and senior execs were almost in unanimous agreement that it was at the top of their priority list. (more…)

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