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How Do You Handle the Recent Storage Shortage?

Gartner hosted a webinar on January 10, 2012: Gartner Worldwide IT Spending Forecast. One of the topics covered was industry IT spend for 2012.

In covering that topic they made a point of saying that due to severe flooding in Thailand, they expect storage to become in short supply (as much as a 29% global shortfall) through the end of 2012. It is expected that the price of storage/GB will increase as a result and supplies will fall short of demand. They recommended finding alternatives to purchasing storage to keep costs down. (more…)

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Data Governance, MDM – The Near And Far

Business modernization programs typically focus on process standardization to gain the benefits of efficient repeatable, measurable processes. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) technologies fulfill the process standardization requirements and have now become a central point for management of business processes. However, ERP systems do not prevent low quality data from entering the systems nor do they measure its impact on the efficiency of a business process. Most organizations today are using the same ERP systems (SAP or Oracle) that were configured by the same consultancies. Therefore, the uniqueness and the scope for competitive advantage of any organization are defined by the people and the data. (more…)

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