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Interstate Batteries Dreamforce Story: How Can You Be #1 Without Trusted Customer Information?

Last week I posted this blog, OppenheimerFunds Dreamforce Story: Lay a Foundation of Trusted and Complete Customer Information for Salesforce.

Another superb Dreamforce story was delivered by Interstate Batteries’ director of Market IQ, Mike Darr.

Did you know Interstate Batteries is the number one replacement brand battery in North America? Did you know batteries were perishable? These were some facts that I learned during Mike’s presentation at Dreamforce 2012. (more…)

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Social, Mobile, Cloud, Big Data and … Agile BI

I just came back from MicroStrategy World. There were many conversations about social, mobile, cloud and big data. There was strong interest in cloud, clear adoption of mobile, and some big data adoption. eHarmony had a great presentation about how they handle big data with Informatica, and how they’re starting to use Hadoop with Informatica HParser running on Hadoop for processing JSON.

But that wasn’t the number one conversation.  The one topic that everyone was interested in – and I talked to nearly 100 customers and partners over four days – was creating new reports faster, or Agile BI(more…)

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Dr. Kimball: THINK GROWTH With EDW

Last week, we held a call with Dr. Kimball and Rick Pechter from MicroStrategy in preparation for the April 27th webinar on EDW Best Practices for Behavior Analytics. We selected this topic because more and more organizations are gearing up for growth. Although we are seeing the signs that the world is on the verge of an economic uptick, the characteristics, timing and strength of the recovery remain uncertain and unpredictable. One thing is certain, however. Because of the dynamic nature of the market, innovators are zeroing in on understanding customer behaviors in micro-segments and business rules for profitable growth. In our call, we spent a considerable amount of time on how difficult it is for an organization to address data quality issues from a loading and delivery perspectives across sources – EDW, reporting and analytics. Of course, if the data is not timely or accurate, your investment into sophisticated analytics does not generate the returns that you expected. So, what do the business intelligence and data warehousing professionals need to keep in mind to ensure that timely and accurate data is delivered?

Well, I am happy to share with you that we are once again offering pragmatic best practices and tips for priming your data warehouse to meet the challenge. (more…)

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