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A Toast to Informatica’s Marketplace – Here’s to a Long and Healthy Future.

Happy birthday to Informatica Marketplace!

In a brief 3 years, Informatica’s Marketplace has reached several major milestones including the posting of its 1,000th Block (Application or Service) and surpassing 10,000 unique downloads per month. Over that time, the Blocks posted on the Marketplace have marked the onward progress and evolution of the data management industry from multi-domain MDM to in-memory processing to big data, and beyond. In fact, if one was to go back and take snapshots of which Blocks were posted, and when, it would be a sort of “data” time capsule. To me, that’s one of the most compelling features of the Marketplace. In addition to the plentiful and diverse set of offerings the Marketplace Blocks represent, they are continuously evolving to address the ever changing “data” landscape and are reflective of the latest in technological innovation and best practices.

So what can we expect next from the Marketplace? Let me make a prediction. Over the next 3 years, I believe you will see a profound recognition and appreciation for data as a key enabler of significant and real improvements to business performance and operational effectiveness – and this shift will be driven by the business, not IT. The shift is already underway, but to speed it along will require those of us in the industry to continue to move the conversation beyond “it’s foundational”, and more appropriately position “data” as another lever for the achievement of business goals. In order to do that, we will need to speak in terms that resonate with the customer and frame the data discussion in the context of business performance. At the operational level, how are poor data quality and bad data management practices impacting DSO, inventory turns, on-time manufacturing and delivery, revenue recognition and assurance, leverage spend, etc.? From a financial perspective, how do these data related impacts manifest themselves on the balance sheet, income statement, or cash flow statement – and to what degree?  These are the issues that our customers care about, and our solutions and recommendations should be made with these in mind. And since all solution providers are competing for finite corporate wallet share, those of us in the “data” industry will be at a competitive disadvantage if we don’t adapt.  I strongly believe we will get there, and just like the past 3 years this shift will be marked by the continuing evolution of Informatica’s Marketplace.

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A key growth milestone for the Informatica Marketplace

Recently, the Informatica Marketplace reached a major milestone: we exceeded 1,000 Blocks (Apps). Looking back to three years ago when we started with 70 Blocks from a handful of partners, it’s an amazing achievement to have reached this volume of solutions in such a short time. For me, it speaks to the tremendous value that the Marketplace brings not only to our customers who download more than 10,000 Blocks per month, but also to our partners who have found in the Marketplace a viable route to market and a great awareness and monetization vehicle for their solutions.

There has been a lot of discussion around the explosion of data and what it means to companies trying to leverage this extremely valuable resource. Informatica has a huge part to play in helping customers solve those problems not only through the technologies we provide directly, but through the tremendous ecosystem that we have built through our partners. The Marketplace has grown to more than 165 unique partner companies, and we’re adding more every day. Blocks such as BI & Analytics sing Social Media Data from Deloitte, and Interstage XWand – XBRL Processor from Fujitsu represent offerings from large, established software companies, while Blocks such as Skybot Enterprise Job Scheduler and Undraleu Code Review Tool from Coeurdata are solutions that have been contributed by earlier stage companies that have experienced significant success and growth. It has been a pleasure helping these companies to grow and reach new customers through the Marketplace.

One of the most exciting things about reaching the 1K Block milestone is not just the amount of companies that are on the Marketplace, but the amount of solutions that have been contributed from our developer community. Blocks such as Autotype Excel Macro, Execute Workflow, and iExportNormalizer are all solutions that Informatica developers have built because it helps them in their daily activities, and through the Marketplace they have found a way to share these valuable assets with the community. In fact, over half of our solutions are free to use, which is a ringing endorsement of the power of the community and a great way to try out any number of useful solutions at no risk. By leveraging enabling technologies such as Informatica’s Cloud Platform as a Service, developers can create and share solutions more quickly and easily than ever before.

Overall, it has been an exciting ride as the Marketplace has rocketed to 1,000 Blocks in under three years, and I look forward to what the next three years has in store!

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New Year Resolutions

It’s that time again – time to reflect on the previous 12 months and make resolutions for change in the upcoming year. For me personally, the usual suspects apply: eat better, exercise more often, and spend quality time with the family. I’m happy to say that although there is always more that can be done, I usually do a pretty good job of sticking to my goals (now if only I could stay away from the dessert tray)!

Reflecting back on 2011 for the Informatica Marketplace, our resolution for the year was “Accelerate Growth” – and we exceeded even the lofty expectations we set for ourselves. Check out some of these year-end statistics: (more…)

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Gartner Points to Marketplaces as Key 2012 Trend

Recently, Gartner highlighted the top 10 technologies and trends that will be strategic for most organizations in 2012. Amongst the usual suspects of Cloud computing, social user experience, and mobile applications, App Stores and Marketplaces were highlighted for the first time. According to the report:

“Application stores by Apple and Android provide marketplaces where hundreds of thousands of applications are available to mobile users. This will grow from a consumer-only phenomena to an enterprise focus.” (more…)

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The Innovation Premium

Recently I ran across an article from INSEAD (self-described as “The Business School for the World”), articulating a concept that they call “The Innovation Premium.” Essentially, it is “the premium the stock market gives a company because investors expect it to launch new offerings and enter new markets.” This is documented in detail in their recently published book, “The Innovator’s DNA”, co-authored with Clayton Christensen, noted professor and author of two previous books on innovation: “The Innovator’s Dilemma” and “The Innovator’s Solution.” (more…)

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What’s New With The Marketplace?

Happy New Year!

This year the Marketplace has got a new look. The user interface (UI) was redesigned to give a better user experience. Now the UI makes it easier to browse by technology category and the search option is better optimized. There are dedicated malls for Analytix DS, TCS and Informatica Cloud which you can access from the home page.

The Ideation module is now up and running. This allows community members to post ideas that they would like to see built using Informatica products. We have received some very interesting ideas. Check them out on the site, and if you have any ideas, please feel free to post them. (more…)

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Informatica Marketplace Contest Now Open!

Are you ready to be recognized and compensated for the data integration, data quality, and data management solutions you’ve developed yourself? Are you ready to show off your expertise? Are you ready to make some money?

Enter the Informatica Marketplace Contest! (more…)

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Tell Me All About The Informatica Marketplace

I am very fortunate to have a CIO role that extends beyond the traditional responsibilities of IT. Part of my role includes the strategy and implementation of the recently launched Informatica Marketplace.

The Informatica Marketplace has generated a lot of buzz with our customers and partners. Last week while I was presenting at the Pacific Crest Annual Cloud Computing Conference I heard the excitement about our new offering from many of the attendees. Mostly, people appreciated our continued thought leadership and commitment to providing an open platform to host solutions for data integration, data quality and data management. And yes, it is an open platform to host solutions that not only support Informatica, but other vendors too – even competitors. Our fundamental belief is that the hand of free enterprise will ultimately win, so we are willing to provide an open platform to do so.

Here are a few questions I’ve heard and answered over the last few weeks: (more…)

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