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Staying on Top of the Data Security Agenda

In recent years, there have been a number of embarrassing, high profile data breach blunders. We all heard about the secret government documents detailing the UK’s policies for fighting global terrorist funding, drugs trafficking and money laundering, which were found on a London-bound train in June 2008. More recently, in 2011, Oliver Letwin faced fierce criticism after dumping documents on terrorism and national security into a bin in St. James Park in London, on no less than five occasions.

Whilst these extreme, high profile cases are rare, there are thousands of companies who have been found to mishandle confidential information relating to their customers. Indeed nearly half of the 500+ senior IT professionals surveyed for some recent research into data security admitted they had experienced a data breach. (more…)

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DI without DQ is Just ETL

Many organisations today are responding to the widely heralded need for timely, trusted and accurate data to drive their business initiatives; be it operational efficiency, compliance or growth through M&A. Underpinning this drive will invariably be a series of data integration projects to address the specific needs of these initiatives. (more…)

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Know Thy Customer

There has been much discussion, particularly in the UK, about banks restricting the use of their investment and retail arms. The thinking process behind this is that investment banking is much riskier and so by drawing a clear line between the two, consumers will be better protected if another financial crisis should hit. (more…)

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What Will 2010 Look Like For IT?

What type of blog would this be if I didn’t end the year with my 2010 predictions?

To begin on a positive note, IT budgets will go up in 2010 after a global average 4-5% decrease in 2009. In many respects, however, 2010 will be even more difficult on IT than 2009. How can I say this if budgets are increasing? Doesn’t this mean we will have more money to throw at nagging issues?

In general, most IT organizations have deferred maintenance on many core infrastructure and application items. For example, in the past, several of my peers would automatically refresh laptops at the three-year mark. I know many of them have extended this to five years. Even though the deferred hardware upgrades had a positive net impact on the budget, it was an increase in IT burden to manage old equipment as the “meantime between failures” increases. Now they are looking to upgrade these boxes. This is true for networks, phone systems, servers, applications… (How many of you are running Windows 2000 and need to upgrade?) (more…)

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Informatica 9 Sweet Spots

Informatica 9 There’s been a lot of hoopla this week about Informatica 9, and rightfully so.  A lot of people at Informatica have been working on this release for a long time, and we’re all excited about the potential it has to help our customers get to the next level.  Informatica 9 can be used in many different ways to help organizations deliver more value from their data to the business.  But there are several business use cases which are really a sweet spot for Informatica 9, based on the traction we have seen already with real-world customers.

  • Regulatory/compliance/financial reporting.  Informatica’s heritage is in data warehousing, which is a fundamental underpinning to reporting systems.  But even with all the great advances that both business intelligence and data integration technologies have achieved, CFOs are still challenged in many ways.  Hidden data quality issues put them at risk for non-compliance, leading to penalties, brand degradation, or even jail time.  Minor changes in data sources—say a business rule that has been changed or a format has been adjusted—if not handled correctly and quickly also can mean that reports are incomplete or erroneous.  And it simply takes too long for any new sources of relevant information to be incorporated into the reporting structure.  Informatica 9 can really help in these areas by making data quality issues much more visible, and by drastically reducing the amount of time it takes to accommodate changes in the data underlying the reports. (more…)
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Rewire And Synchronize Information To Make The Most Of M&A

The impact of decentralization and a volatile business climate on post merger integration has been a frequent topic of discussion for executives this past year. Gerald Adolph and Justin Pettit from Booz & Company summed it up in “Making the Most of M&A”:

The most significant risk to a well-designed implementation plan is drift. In a business world that increasingly values decentralization and the empowerment of line managers, keeping a complex, interdependent implementation on course can be a challenge. It requires adherence to the outline of the plan, yet also requires that managers be granted the flexibility needed to adapt to changing circumstances.

On one hand, we need organization-wide visibility and transparency to bring the strategic intent of mergers into reality. On the other, we must allow the line managers and front-line workers to make the right decisions at the point of impact where they uniquely see the changing conditions and can act on the insights when an opportunity arises. What is the forcing function to sustain the core ideal of “One Company”, while affording the flexibility and independence to people with the operating experience and in-depth knowledge of business? One vital factor is the core information service. This subject matter was explored in our recent white paper on “Rewire and Synchronize Information.”


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Why Did Informatica Acquire Agent Logic?

Today Informatica completed the acquisition of Agent Logic.

Whenever a company acquires another, the first question is why. I wanted to give my personal perspective on why this deal is a good one for the industry and our customers.  In addition to my comments below, you can read the press release: Informatica Acquires Agent Logic for more information. (more…)

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A Wave Of New Mergers And Acquisitions – Are You Prepared to succeed?

I was driving to work this week when I heard about Walt Disney Company’s announcement to buy comic book giant Marvel Entertainment (MVL) for US$4 billion.  I started thinking about what it would be like to see the X-MEN hanging out with Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs the next time I take my kids to Disneyland. At the same time, I was wondering if an increase mergers and acquisitions were a sign of an economic recovery?  (more…)

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