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Simplistic Approaches to Data Federation Solve (Only) Part of the Puzzle – We Need Data Virtualization (Part 2 of 3)

In my last post, I introduced the concept of data federation, which for now I would like to differentiate from data virtualization – a term that I’ll bring into focus in a bit. But first, we explored two issues: data accessibility and data latency. Within recent times, the sophistication of data accessibility services has matured greatly, to the point where one can somewhat abstract those accessibility services from the downstream consumer (or “reuser”) of data. (more…)

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Informatica Ultra Messaging Enables Early SEF Movers

In a recent post: Informatica Ultra Messaging Software Supports Capital Markets Reforms, I discussed the technology implications of the OTC derivatives (swaps) market moving to electronic trading as mandated by the Dodd-Frank Act (DFA) in the US and the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) in Europe. One area where new technology infrastructure will be especially critical is in the creation and operation of “exchanges” for electronic swaps trading, similar to what is used for equities and other asset classes. In the language of the DFA, such exchange venues are called Swap Execution Facilities (SEFs) and are defined as “a facility, trading system or platform in which multiple participants have the ability to execute or trade swaps by accepting bids and offers made by other participants that are open to multiple participants in the facility or system, through any means of interstate commerce.” This of course includes capturing orders electronically, matching bids and offers, executing the trades, and providing connections to central clearing houses. And perhaps nowhere else in the new ecosystem is the expected growth in message volumes and associated need for new messaging middleware technology more evident than here. (more…)

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New Video: “Low-Latency Connectivity Solutions”

A-Team Citihub Video Series: Low Latency Connectivity Solutions

Jitesh Ghai, Global Director of Systems Engineering for 29West-Informatica, explains the strategic importance of low-latency messaging middleware within the high-performance trading environment, in this video interview conducted by A-Team Group.

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LBM 4.0 Features Include Latency As Low As 660 Nanoseconds!

Latency Busters® Messaging (LBM) version 4.0 is now available for download on the 29West/Informatica download page.

This version is a major release, and includes several important new features, including:

  • 75% improvement in latency – as low as 660 nanoseconds with the LBT-IPC transport (for processes on the same host)
  • Topic Resolution improvements – more flexibility and lower overall network bandwidth utilization
  • Myricom Datagram Bypass Layer (DBL) support – in conjunction with DBL-enabled 10GigE NICs for Linux and Microsoft® Windows® (more…)
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New 29West Ultra Messaging Low Latency Tuning Guide Now Available

29West, now a part of Informatica, is happy to announce the availability of a brand-new resource for customers looking to tune their hosts and applications for lowest-possible latency and reduction of “jitter”: the 29West Ultra Messaging® Low Latency Tuning Guide.

The guide is intended to do two things: (1) show the tradeoffs that you should consider when you prioritize lowest-possible latency over other goals, especially throughput and resource consumption, and (2) which options to look for to implement those changes.

The guide is broken up into three sections: (more…)

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See Us at A-Team Insight Exchange April 26, NYC

29West now part of Informatica will exhibit and host a Drill Down Session in the Plaza Suite at 9:30.

A-Team Insight

Plaza Suite, 9.30 am

Next Generation Trading Systems – High Performance and Low Latency

Leading firms have moved from legacy designs to streamline the execution path for lowest latency. Where will the next wave of performance come from and how will it impact bank and exchange trading system architectures? This session will explore real world patterns of next generation architectures including trends with 10Gig and Infiniband networks and how best to leverage the advances in multi core architectures to achieve the lowest latency.

  • Jitesh Ghai, Global Director, Systems Engineering, 29West now part of Informatica
  • Yuri Salkinder, Director, Credit Suisse

Hear how thought leaders and the most successful customers are leveraging the new technologies for the highest, most profitable performance.

Plaza Suite, 4.15pam

Low Latency Reduction – The Latest Techniques, and Where We’re Heading

The current level of interest in latency reduction is manifesting in three principal ways:  vendors are embracing new techniques;  the requirement for latency reduction implies the requirement for latency monitoring and benchmarking; and lastly, the latency spotlight is also falling on the fundamental principles of network architecture and switch design.   Bob Van Valzah, 29West director of product marketing, will join the TS-Associates sponsored panel of experts.

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UMQ 1.0 is now available

Back-office applications, meet front-office performance!

Once again extending the advantages of 29West-Informatica’s Ultra Messaging® family of products, the release of Ultra Messaging with Queuing (UMQ) brings low-latency, once-and-only-once messaging to the world of back office applications.

“Banks and exchanges are eagerly anticipating the ability to simply add machines to multiply their matching engine operation and get scalability without bottlenecks,” said Mark Mahowald, Senior V.P. and General Manager of the Messaging Business Unit within Informatica.

The list of UMQ 1.0 features includes:

  • Queue fault tolerance
  • Once-and-only-once delivery (OAOO)
  • Low-latency load balancing (LLLB) via the Application Sets feature
  • Multiple dissemination models to match various use cases

To begin a UMQ evaluation, contact us today!

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Great Customer Feedback for 29West and Informatica One Week into the Acquisition

Just a week in, and we’re seeing a tremendous show of confidence from our customers.  Confidence in the proven innovation and top-notch support we continue to deliver every day, and confidence in this combination as a positive development  for everyone involved.  The entire 29West team has been retained and now operates as the Ultra-low Latency Messaging business unit of Informatica, headed by Mark Mahowald as GM.  Informatica has a proven track record of growing the companies it has acquired and this is no exception.  Anyone who works with us day to day will attest to our unwavering focus on our customers, our products, and our employees.

The entire team is excited about future prospects for messaging in the capital markets and the industry’s first zero-latency data integration platform.

Quick Facts

  • 29West has moved completely intact as a new business unit into Informatica
  • Mark Mahowald heads up the unit as General Manager
  • Our targets and goals are exactly as they were
  • Our focus continues to be our customers, technology innovation and world class support
  • We continue to build on the success of more than 140 deployments worldwide
  • The innovation that began with LBM, UME and UMQ (Queuing) this month, continues
  • Our vision for 2010 includes one breakthrough API across all use cases
  • Informatica’s 29West Messaging continues to be the next generation messaging  standard
  • We look forward to growing our business and making yours more competitive for many years to come
Stand by for a Live Webinar in April with more details.  To subscribe to our email news, please contact news@29West.com
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Visit Us at TradeTech Europe – April 20-22

TradeTech Europe

Visit the team at TradeTech Equities in London.

April 20-22

ExCeL Centre, London

Booth 155

Stop by and find out what’s new in ultra low latency messaging and hear more about our acquisition by Informatica.  Whether you’re a trader or a technologist, you’ll want to hear the latest on high performance messaging for the next-generation of trading platforms.

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29West now part of Informatica to Speak at High Performance for Linux Financial Markets – April 19, 2010

Bob Van Valzah, director of product marketing for Informatica’s 29West Ultra Messaging, will join the Cisco-sponsored panel of experts.

High Performance NYC April 19

Session 2, 11 – 11:50

Ensuring Real-World  Low-Latency – Performance When it Counts

The key to differentiating low-latency that will impact your bottom line is to ensure that your applications can handle real-world situations such as volume spikes and massive price movements with no degradation in performance.  The most intense trading is the time when you make (or lose) your real money and you need your latency to be at the lowest or risk getting run out of the market.  New techniques for better understanding the capacity and performance characteristics of these transaction platforms will increasingly drive competitive advantage.  Through this lens, winners will design, architect and implement the next generation capabilities for dominance.   This session will explore the impact of low-latency and its measurement as well as ensuring  performance when it counts.

Stop by Session 2 and say hello to Bob.

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