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Let Your Data Scientists Be Scientists

With the rise in popularity of the elusive and expensive data scientist it’s very sad that once a data science team is assembled (at a very high recurring cost to the company I may add) that they spend most of their time doing work they weren’t really hired to do in the first place. That’s right! It turns out that data scientists spend only about 20% of their time doing real analysis – that is the work they were trained to do. How is the other 80% of their time spent? (more…)

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The Value of Social Media Data Integration

The rise of Big Data, and Big Data integration, is very much of interest to those who want to leverage the value of social media data. This is data from social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and many others, that not only show trending topics but very deep insight into the minds of those who may be purchasing products or services, market trends within a specific product space, and the ability to make fairly accurate predictions around changing attitudes of specific demographics that determine future behavior. (more…)

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The Individual in the European Data Tug of War

LinkedIn’s security breach this summer exposed a massive 6.5 million user passwords and was yet another reminder of the blanket lack of protection over consumer data.  The constant deluge of reports over personal data leakages has left 70% of EU citizens worried about the misuse of their personal data, according to the European Commission. That’s why the EU stepped in to look at strengthening the right to access, change or delete personal data. (more…)

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Bargaining Goods for Personal Data

Data privacy isn’t a topic that has strayed far from the news agenda. With  6.5 million LinkedIn passwords exposed and the European Commission calling for new laws to strength the right to access, change or delete personal data, you’d think the general population would be guarding their data even more firmly – especially as only 35 per cent of UK adults trust businesses to use their personal data as directed by them. Yet, research we released last month revealed a step change in consumer attitudes, with the emergence of a younger, more data-savvy, generation, who are intrigued by what their personal data can do for them.

35% of 18- to 34-year olds in the UK revealed that they are comfortable providing personal information to organisations to help them tailor future offers and communication.  Further to that, almost one in ten (9%) of the younger generation (those aged 18 to 34) felt that the more personal information they provide a business with, the better the service they receive as a result. The fact is – big data can provide organisations with an unprecedented opportunity to improve customer experience through highly personalised and targeted communications.  Amazon is a good example of this, doing the exact thing, using its big data to get customer love. (more…)

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Secular Trends and the Informatica Marketplace

We all heard the news of Facebook’s $100 billion IPO a few weeks ago and according to some analysts Apple will be the first company with a trillion dollar market value courtesy of their iPhones and iPads. It is amazing the scale and speed with which technology is changing and how it is shaping the world. These changes and pace bring new challenges to IT organizations. IT organizations have to adjust to the new ways users interact and communicate and support decision-makers in organizations and governments by providing intelligence from the large amounts of business data that are being generated.   (more…)

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Integrating Social Media with Enterprise Data

While watching a television re-run of House MD a few weeks ago, there was an American Express commercial featuring Tweets from customers who have made purchases with their reward program points.  American Express has taken ‘listening’ to social media data to the next level and is using it to its own advantage.  By giving their customers a forum to Tweet their experiences through socialcurrency.com, they are taking the social media era by storm. (more…)

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Driving Data Integration through the Social Network

I read an interesting report in dmreview last week.  Entitled “Survey Shows Chief Marketing Officers Haven’t ‘Friended’ Social Networking Sites” it analyses a report that suggests my peers are not too interested in social networking.  I’m surprised by this, given the role social networking has in today’s society.  That then had me thinking about our marketing strategy here at Informatica and the role of Facebook, and other online communities, in our activity.

Before talking about social networking, I thought I’d start by stating the obvious – the role of marketing here is to raise the awareness of Informatica within our target audience and to partner with the sales organization in executing programs to find opportunities for our technology and services. (more…)

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