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Remote Data Collection and Transformation – with Ultra Messaging Cache Option and B2B Data Transformation

Sometimes when I drive past an electronic tollway collection sensor, I wonder about the amount of data it must generate. I’m no expert on such technology, but at a minimum, the RFID sensor has to read the chip in your car, and log the date and time plus your RFID info, and then a camera takes a picture to catch any potential violators. Now multiply that data times the hundreds of thousands of cars that drive such roads every day, times the number of sensors they pass, and I’m quite sure this number exceeds several million messages per day. (more…)

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29West Announces Next-Generation JMS Solution

Chicago, USA and London, 16 February 2010 – 29West announced a new JMS (Java Message Service) API for its market leading, next-generation Ultra Messaging® product family.

Major bank customers who know they can benefit from 29West’s brokerless design but have 200 or 300 applications to migrate (many of them written to the JMS API), will now be able to exchange messages with their trading applications — typically written in C or .NET APIs — without the need to recompile each application.  The result: a low risk and faster track to high performance messaging for their next-generation trading platforms.

The product provides a market standard JMS API that leverages the low-latency, brokerless messaging design of 29West’s Ultra Messaging® with Queuing product (UMQ) to provide JMS performance with latencies in the sub-100 microsecond range, and throughput of over 1 million messages per second, on commodity hardware.  The JMS API is an extension of 29West’s recently released Zero Object Delivery (ZOD) Java API that minimizes latency spikes normally caused by the Java clean-up process known as “garbage collection.”

“People want to move to next-generation infrastructures,” said 29West President and Founder Mark Mahowald. “They see that the sooner they can do that, the lower their end-to-end costs will be and the better they can keep up with the pace of innovation in the market.”

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