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Data Integration Is Now A Business Problem – That’s Good

Since the advent of middleware technology in the mid-1990’s, data integration has been primarily an IT-lead technical problem. Business leaders had their hands full focusing on their individual silos and were happy to delegate the complex task of integrating enterprise data and creating one version of the truth to IT. The problem is that there is now too much data that is highly fragmented across myriad internal systems, customer/supplier systems, cloud applications, mobile devices and automatic sensors. Traditional IT-lead approaches whereby a project is launched involving dozens (or hundreds) of staff to address every new opportunity are just too slow. (more…)

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Earlier this month our Managing Director for Informatica in ASEAN, Suganthi Shivkumar, wrote an article entitled “Data Integration Helps Achieve Business Goals”.

I have reposted it here with permission from CXOToday.

Data Integration Helps Achieve Business Goals
Imagine a world where IT is perfectly aligned with the business. Accurate, relevant information flows freely throughout the enterprise, driving timely decisions and actions. The IT infrastructure is flexible and designed for reuse ensuring that companies don t just respond to changing business requirements and competitive pressures, but stay ahead of them. And in an ideal world, IT delivers real, measurable value to the business, supporting key goals such as: (more…)

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What Components Are Required To Be Information Driven?

Being information driven is as much an organizational commitment as it is a technology commitment. The following outlines the major components required to be information driven.

Data Governance (DG) – DG is the overarching program for a data driven company. In my last blog, I defined DG as the practice of managing data as a corporate asset across the enterprise. It involves the processes, policies, standards, organization, and technologies required to manage and ensure the availability, accessibility, quality, consistency, auditability, and security of data in a company or institution.

Who should own DG? In most things we do, we look for the single point of accountability. In this instance, I recommend a collective structure of senior business managers who are accountable for the data subjects that drive your business. Additionally, I suggest a senior member of IT who can drive change across IT systems. (more…)

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