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The Innovation Premium

Recently I ran across an article from INSEAD (self-described as “The Business School for the World”), articulating a concept that they call “The Innovation Premium.” Essentially, it is “the premium the stock market gives a company because investors expect it to launch new offerings and enter new markets.” This is documented in detail in their recently published book, “The Innovator’s DNA”, co-authored with Clayton Christensen, noted professor and author of two previous books on innovation: “The Innovator’s Dilemma” and “The Innovator’s Solution.” (more…)

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Is The Cloud Real?

Many of us read reports from industry pundits as well as the latest industry rags and hear the “experts” describe the latest trends. A lot of these for the most part, don’t come to fruition. The most unfortunate part is that our bosses and internal customers read these reports as gospel and we spend our time debunking a lot of the myths.

An area that is much hyped is the Cloud. The question is whether or not this is fact or fiction. Today, I will focus on SaaS in particular, as even the word Cloud conjures up conflicting images. In my world, SaaS is real. The most compelling metric is that in 2010, the number of Cloud apps exceeded our on-premise apps, and the impact on our business and IT has been profound. Let me repeat, SaaS exceeds on-premise apps! (more…)

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The Marketplace Cometh. Are You Ready?

We are getting very excited about the arrival of our Marketplace!

When we announced it a few months ago people contacted me to ask if this was for real, and how it was going to work.  My reply was “Think iTunes or AppExchange for Data Integration”.  Of course, at the time we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted to build and why it would be important.  However, there is no better way of answering these questions than to go live and allow you to look at and use it.

The Marketplace is nearly here and I wanted to share a few thoughts to prepare you for the day it goes live:

The Marketplace is for you, our customers:

  • As my colleague Judy Ko commented in her blog, The Informatica Marketplace: Tapping The Power of the Crowd, it provides a forum through which the Informatica community can share best practices.  For our customers it will help to drive down development costs since you will be able to tap into the community to find and re-use components – both simple and complex – to help you achieve your goals.  Why re-invent something when it has been done many times before by different people? (more…)
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The 10 Commandments … Or The 7 Deadly Sins?

With much amusement I read a blog entry the other day entitled the 10 commandments of data integration. Of course, I wish I’d thought of it myself.  Great idea which got me thinking about something witty to respond with!  So, how about the 7 deadly sins of data integration!  Lost in the midst of time and as a reminder, the 7 deadly sins are gluttony, lust, greed, envy, wrath, sloth and pride.  So here goes … (more…)

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Data Integration’s Role in Combinatorial Innovation

About a year ago, I wrote a whitepaper entitled CIO’s Guide to Achieving Information Management Excellence. Back then, the US economy was somewhat shaky but we had no clue as to the impending major shift about to face the global economy. Fast-forward to 2009. According to the March International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecast, global activity is expected to decline by around ½ to 1 percent in 2009. Gartner and IDC also revised their IT spending forecast down to reflect the changes from last year.

So I asked myself, “Do I also need to revisit the paper from the information management perspective?” I sought the counsel of our clients and partners. The answer was, no. The proven practices and methods are still valid, and even more crucial for organizations leading the next chapter of innovation.

There is a greater force at play in IT distinct from the financial restructuring currently taking place. It is the technological maturation making innovation possible for the masses, not just for the elite few. Google’s Chief Economist Hal Varian put it this way: (more…)

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