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Well Answered.


Well Data for Upstream Oil & Gas Companies

Seven steps to clean, trusted and aligned well data.

Is your data ready to help you make the big decisions? “Data and analytics inputs” (37%) just nudged out “my own experience and intuition” (33%) when energy executives were asked as part of PWC’s 2014 Big Decisions survey on what they relied most for the last big decision they made.

But, what about the little decisions? The ones that add up and either create value or contribute to waste, primarily in the area of operational efficiency? It’s important to think about this aspect of decision making too.

In a recent article by Forbes magazine, Tom Morgan, Analyst and Corporate Counsel at Drillinginfo, credits the present stamina of the unconventional plays to efficiency gains. These gains have been as much as 25% and are altering the profitability thresholds for productive wells, changing many of the beliefs on which today’s headlines are focused.

A well’s profitability is driven by multiple variables, including well location, lease terms, number of wells drilled, uptime, partners, resources, and so on. These attributes are monitored and combined to ensure a well reaches its full productive potential. But how do you know if the information you’re depending on is ready to provide the answers you need when you need them?

Given that an unconventional well’s productivity declines after the first 2 years, every decision made in this short timeframe puts the well’s profitability at risk. Approaching bad or incomplete data as a ‘cost of doing business’ can mean millions of dollars in unnecessary waste – per well.

The best strategic and operational decisions stem from clean, trusted, and aligned data. Kudos to the upstream, unconventional teams that are leading the way to exploiting how data is used in the oil & gas industry. The most effective way to ensure your data is decision ready is to adopt these seven steps:

  1. Integrate well information. Bring together fragmented data you expect to be consistent across systems but isn’t.
  2. Evaluate the quality of data. Make sure the information is accurate and complete. If it isn’t, you can see what needs to be fixed.
  3. De-duplicate it. Automatically identify duplicate records and reconcile them into a single well profile.
  4. Enrich it. Enhance well profiles with 3rd party data such as state/local and IHS data.
  5. Validate it. Ensure you can identify the correct well when you need to. (It’s harder than it sounds.)
  6. Relate it. See relationships between wells, assets, associates, suppliers and partners, and the projects they’re associated with.
  7. Deliver it. Fuel business and analytical applications with clean, consistent and connected well information.

As O&G companies look to save on IT costs, they need to look to areas that add value or decrease other costs over the long term. Chris Niven, IDC analyst, sums it up best: “Oil and gas companies need to spend their investments wisely to help them become agile and operationally efficient.”

On Tuesday, May 12, during InformaticaWorld 2015, Devon Energy, a Fortune 500 company, will join other industry innovators during MDM Day. Devon will share how they’re using data virtualization to streamline their data processes and gain efficiencies and insights in the process. Be sure to register here.

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Tweet Your Way to the Top at Informatica World

The Informatica World 2014 Conference is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! In fact, we want the whole WORLD to know. And, if you’re going to be there, we want YOU to tell the world all about it! So, to inspire attendees to share the great news, we’d decided to create three super cool Twitter contests.

Twitter Contest 1: “Top Author”

Tweet your way to the top of Informatica World 2014! To participate in the #INFA14 “Top Author” contest, you must:

Twitter Contest Tweet

  1. Be a registered attendee of the Informatica World 2014 conference
  2. Be employed neither by Informatica nor an event sponsor
  3. Tweet relevant content about the conference from a personal Twitter account between Monday, May 12 at 9:00AM (PDT) and Thursday, May 15 at 11:59pm (PDT)
  4. Include the #INFA14 hashtag in each participating tweet

The contestant who sends the highest number of relevant, unique tweets from a personal (not corporate) account during this time frame will win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, 5/20/2014 from the @INFAworld Twitter account. Along the way, you can watch the conversation unfold in real-time here.

Twitter Contest 2: “Top Promoter”

Share at Informatica World for a Chance to Win! To participate in the #INFA14 “Top Promoter” contest, you must:

Twitter Contest Retweet

  1. Be a registered attendee of the Informatica World 2014 conference
  2. Be employed neither by Informatica nor an event sponsor
  3. Retweet posts that contain the #INFA14 hashtag from a personal Twitter account between Monday, May 12 at 9:00AM (PDT) and Thursday, May 15 at 11:59pm (PDT)
  4. Include the #INFA14 hashtag in each participating tweet

The contestant who retweets the greatest number of #INFA14 tweets from a personal (not corporate) account during this time frame will win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, 5/20/2014 from the @INFAworld Twitter account. Along the way, you can watch the conversation unfold in real-time here.

Twitter Contest 3: “Loudest Voice”

Make an impression at Informatica World 2014! To participate in the #INFA14 “Loudest Voice” contest, you must:

Twitter Contest Reach

  1. Be a registered attendee of the Informatica World 2014 conference
  2. Be employed neither by Informatica nor an event sponsor
  3. Tweet relevant content about the conference from a personal Twitter account between Monday, May 12 at 9:00AM (PDT) and Thursday, May 15 at 11:59pm (PDT)
  4. Include the #INFA14 hashtag in each original tweet
  5. Retweet posts that contain the #INFA14 hashtag from a personal Twitter account between Monday, May 12 at 9:00AM (PDT) and Thursday, May 15 at 11:59pm (PDT)

On Friday, 5/16/2014, the Hill and Knowlton Strategies digital team will use the TweetReach service to calculate the contestant who generated the most total impressions from a personal (not corporate) account on the #INFA14 hashtag. This user will win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, 5/20/2014 from the @INFAworld Twitter account. Along the way, you can watch the conversation unfold in real-time here.


A few disclaimers and caveats before you begin:

  • Do not create multiple accounts to enter any of these contests more than once. Twitter could notice this behavior and could elect to suspend your accounts.
  • Do not post the same Tweet repeatedly. Posting duplicate tweets is a violation of Twitter Rules and will result in disqualification from these contests.
  • Do not post irrelevant content on the #INFA14 hashtag. For a tweet to be considered, it must pertain to the conference experience and to the general topics covered at the conference. Informatica reserves the right to discount tweets on the hashtag that do not pertain to the conference from the final tally.

If you have any questions about what is permitted, please consult the Twitter Rules.

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Cognizant at Informatica World 2014

Cognizant at Informatica World 2014

Cognizant at Informatica World 2014

Cognizant is a leading provider of information technology, consulting, and business process outsourcing services, dedicated to helping the world’s leading companies build stronger businesses.

Informatica and Cognizant have enjoyed a successful partnership for over 10 years. Together, we have delivered joint solutions across multiple domains, collaborating closely in the areas of Data Integration, Master Data Management, Application ILM, and Test Data Management.

Recently, Informatica announced that Cognizant won the 2013 Alliance Partner of the Year award. This award honors the alliance partner who has delivered the most innovative, business problem-solving solutions during the past year leveraging Informatica products and technologies.

This year, Cognizant will once again be a Platinum sponsor of Informatica World. Conference attendees can connect with Cognizant team members at the following locations and events:

  • Booth 19: A Taste of Success – Celebrate with champagne, sparking cider and chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Pre-Conference MDM Day – Have MDM Supplier Relationship questions? Ask a Cognizant expert
  • PaW148: An Agile Universal DI Approach – Learn about Code Halos™ with Cognizant AVP James Jeude
  • ARCH120: Data, Data Everywhere but not a Byte to Consume – Need optimal test data solutions? Join this session

Together, Cognizant and Informatica can help strengthen your competitive advantage, in order to drive better business decisions, provide granular business insights and increase your time-to-market.

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Accenture Analytics at Informatica World 2014

Accenture Analytics at Informatica World

Accenture Analytics at Informatica World

Managing and integrating data is a critical function of the digital enterprise. Since 1999, Accenture and Informatica have collaborated to help organizations (like yours) transform their data-related issues into powerful business outcomes.

In fact, the Accenture and Informatica alliance has delivered more than 1,000 projects globally, across all major industries.

This year, Accenture will again be a Platinum sponsor of Informatica World. Accenture is also excited to be a sponsor of MDM Pre-conference Day. By attending their sessions below, you’ll learn new ways to integrate and harness actionable business insights through analytics.

  1. MDM Day: Driving Value from Business-Critical Information – Learn to drive value from business-critical info with Chuck Nardi, Managing Director, Accenture Digital – Data and Analytics
  2. MDM Day: Ask-the-Experts – Discuss MDM and PIM Integration with Hersh Shah and Sourabh Mukherjee.
  3. PaW153: From Digitally Disrupted to Digital Disruptor: Accenture’s Technology Vision 2014 – Chuck Nardi shows how, together, Accenture and Informatica are helping the new digital disruptors to get out in front of the dramatic changes digital technology and analytics are enabling.
  4. ARCH124: Implementation with a Software as a Service (SaaS) Approach – Learn how Accenture and Informatica are helping clients gain competitive advantage from their data using a SaaS approach with Steve Li

Accenture and Informatica can help you harness data and new technologies to move along your Analytics Journey to ROI. Accenture’s Informatica World sessions will show how to gain insights from data to help improve business performance and increase return from data and analytics investments.

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Data Integration in Action at Informatica World

Great Data is By DesignWouldn’t you like to have been a fly on the wall when American Airlines and US Airways experts got together to integrate their data systems into one cohesive post-merger system?

Now you can experience the next best thing by attending InformaticaWorld 2014 and hearing the American Airlines US Airways Data Architects talk about the data challenges they faced. They will discuss the role of architecture in M&A, integrating legacy data, lessons learned, and best practices in Data Integration.

While you are at the show, you will have the opportunity to hear many industry experts discuss current trends in Agile end-to-end Data Integration.  

Agile Data Integration Development
To deliver the agility that your business requires, IT and Business must pursue a collaborative Data Integration process, with the appropriate Analyst self-service Data Integration tools.  At InformaticaWorld, you can learn about Agile Data Integration development from the experts at GE Aviation, who will discuss Agile Data Integration for Big Data Analytics. Experts from Roche, will discuss how Agile Data Integration has lead to a 5x reduction in development time, improved business self-service capabilities and increased data credibility.

Another aspect of agility is your ability to scale your Data Warehouse to rapidly support more data, data sources, users and projects.  Come hear the experts from Liberty Mutual share challenges, pitfalls, best practices and recommendations for those considering large-scale Data Integration projects, including successful implementation of complex data migrations, data quality and data distribution processes.

Operational Confidence
The management of an enterprise-scale Data Warehouse involves the operation of a mature and complex mission-critical environment, which is commonly driven through an Integration Competency Center (ICC) initiative.  You now have the need to inspect and adapt your production system and expedite data validation and monitoring processes through automation, so that data issues can be quickly caught and corrected and resources can be freed up to focus on development. 

The experts from University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, along with Informatica Professional Services experts, will discuss best practices, lessons learned and the process of transitioning from ‘analytics as project’ to an enterprise initiative through the use of an Integration Competency Center. 

Hear from the Informatica Product Experts
You will have many opportunities to hear directly from the Informatica product experts about end-to-end Data Integration Agility delivered in the recent 9.6 release of PowerCenter.

See PowerCenter 9.6 in Action
Don’t miss the opportunity to see live demos of the cool new features of PowerCenter 9.6 release at the multitude of hands-on labs being offered at InformaticaWorld this year. 

For example you can learn how to empower business users through self-service Data Integration with PowerCenter Analyst tool; how to reduce testing time of Data Integration projects through automated validation tests; and how to scale your Data Integration with High Availability and Grid.

The sessions we described here are a sampling of the rich variety of sessions that will be offered on Data Integration at the show.  We hope that you will join us at InformaticaWorld this year in Las Vegas on May 13-15 and as you plan your visit, please check out the complete listing of sessions and labs that are focused on Data Integration.

Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know which InformaticaWorld session/s you are most looking forward to!  See you there!

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An Unexpected Journey – The Informed Purchase Journey

unexpected journeyFor years, a customer’s purchase process was something of “An Unexpected Journey.” Lack of insight into the journey was a struggle for retailers. The journey was fraught with questions about product research habits, purchases and crucial factors that spark purchase decisions.

Today, the customer purchase journey no longer has to be a “guessing game.” Data integration and analytics are able to assist retailers in understanding this journey. To begin, let’s examine how consumer behaviors and the role of product information have changed since the advent of substantial bandwidths and social buying. To do so, lets examine the way shoppers buy today.

The customer buying experience has changed in the following ways:

The days of the single visit to a trusted retailer are behind us. Today’s shoppers are in control. They are hugely aware of their power as consumers, and they’re exercising it freely.

Buyers aren’t using one specific channel anymore. They’re shopping in stores, online, through mobile apps, on social platforms, and from catalogs simultaneously. Lacking a central focal point, quality data integration and analytics have become imperative to understanding this behavior. Retailers must be able to track the purchase decisions of one consumer as he or she switches back and forth amongst these channels. If done correctly, a retailer would be able to recognize behavior specific to individuals and act on it, serving ads or timely discounts to them.

Purchasing decisions are “crowd-informed.” Recommendations and reviews from peers guide consumers and validate their choices every step of the way. As a result, it has become increasingly necessary for retailers to understand how they are being reviewed. But more specifically, it is important for the retailer to identify and target influential reviewers. If this is done effectively, the retailer may be able to personalize their experience and make that influential consumer feel special. This may seem like a complicated task with small returns, but imagine if they write a positive review that is ultimately read by thousands of people. This could lead to a fantastic return on investment for the retailer.

Shoppers used to be dependent on a few sources of information. Now with Internet search tools, consumers are able to hunt for answers themselves. As such, retailers must understand what type of information their consumers are searching for. With this information, retailers may be able to update the content on their websites, blogs, or social channels to provide information customers need. To visualize this purchase journey we’ve created the INFAgraphic below.


The Informed Purchase Journey – An example of an unexpected journey.

So how can I learn more?

Join us at Informatica World 2014 to learn rich information about retail technology and the “purchase journey.”

The Retail Path track will feature insights from companies including: NikeAvent, Discount Tire, Nordstrom, GeigerIntricity and Deloitte.

Experts will share ways of leveraging your data to boost sales and heighten customer experience. The conference also has a dedicated MDM Day on Monday May 12 with workshops and sessions showing how vendors, distributors, retailers and individuals interact in the “always-on,” connected world.

Reserve your spot by signing up here.

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Big data? No. Actionable Data!

Actionable Data

Guest Post by Dale Denham, CIO at Geiger

The CFO and CEO want “Big Data”. However, everyone needs actionable data, including the CFO and CEO.

The problem lies in the little data. The little data is all the data that is floating all around your company unorganized including your duplicate customer records, your unmatched product numbers, and so on.

At Crestline, we have more data coming in today than ever before. We are utilizing this data in exciting ways to better serve our customers. Yet we still have room to improve in efficiency, data quality, and better understand the story behind the data.

Recently we implemented Informatica Product Information Management (PIM) which has been a huge success for our ability to deliver new products quickly to our customers through our web site and our print catalog. In the first 3 months of 2014 using our new PIM, we’ve exceeded the total products added and updated through all of 2013! We’ll be sharing our story at Informatica world May 12th in Las Vegas along with giving out some great giveaways from our fantastic selection of promotional products.

Beyond sharing our Informatica PIM success story, I’m most excited about the data governance track as we, like most people, can do a better job with our overall data governance. Having a chance to engage with and hear success stories on data governance from expert practitioners will help deliver more value to our organization.

It will also be fun to hear legendary Ray Kurzweil paint a mind-boggling portrait of the future of humanity, but the real value is in the breakout sessions and networking. Join me and hundreds of others as we descend on Las Vegas to get more from our data and use data to support our strategic initiatives. If you do come, be sure to join me at my session “Best Practices for Product Information Management in E-Commerce” to get some great tips as well as perhaps a very cool promotional product.

  1. To learn more about the conference and keynotes, click here.
  2. To register for Informatica World, click here.

Views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Geiger.

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What Happens in Vegas … Is the Future of Customer Experience

Today, it is not uncommon for retailers to have multiple brands and several channels through which they sell their products. Due to changes in social behavior, consumers are demanding retailers provide relevant and interactive experiences at every touch point.

The Retail Path at Informatica World 14 is your chance to engage with the world’s leading retail brands and industry experts. The retail path covers topics such as expanding product assortment, introducing new products and reducing supply chain costs.  It will focus on driving customer loyalty using social, local, mobile and customer feedback. You will learn about unique customer experiences with relevant information, analytics and relationships between data and people.

These sessions are great for leaders in ecommerce, marketing, supply chain retail and product management. They’ll be held during the MDM pre-conference (May 12) and Informatica World Retail Path (May 13-15).


Omnichannel Commerce

Omnichannel commerce for the always connected customer.

NIKE: Creative Uses of Informatica Data Quality and Data Services Nike has pushed the limits of Informatica Data Quality and Data Services by re-imagining uses for reference tables, scorecards with associated metadata, web services, and more. Learn how Nike adds value to its business customers and increases ROI by adding virtualization through data services. Speakers: Teresa Mains, Corbett Oliver, Udaya Vepakomma

Point of Sale: Retrieving your POS data in Near Real TimRetailers know that capturing Point of Sale (POS) data in a timely manner can drive customer loyalty and merchandising efficiencies. In this session, Intricity shares how the powerful Informatica Platform has enabled it to capture POS data in near real time — enabling its retailers to share brick and mortar inventory with web stores, drive intraday targeted marketing, and provide customers with the convenience of in-store pickups. Speaker: Arkady Kleyner 

Nordstrom: Customer Service at its best – How Information Powers Nordstrom’s Customer Centricity Strategy

Known for its quality products and customer service, Nordstrom never stops innovating. Learn how Nordstrom uses “personal book” to drive revenue through customer personalization. Speakers: Vaidyanathan SeshanGopinath Raghavan

Avnet: Using Informatica B2B Data Exchange and B2B Data Transformation to Expand Your Trading Partner Portfolio
Business to Business (B2B) transaction automation is pursued by companies of all sizes due to the efficiencies and message integrity inherent to transactional automation. This session will explain how Avnet’s use of Informatica B2B Data Exchange and Data Transformation empowered its business to establish B2B integrations with small and medium size trading partners. Speakers: David Crowell, Anthony Daniel

And more…


Keynote: Deloitte’s Digital Influence – The New Digital Divide
The growing gap between the needs and expectations of shoppers and the digital experience brands and retailers are offering them.
Speaker: Jeff Simpson, Director, Deloitte

Best Practice: Transforming your business for tomorrow’s commerce – best practice with product information management
Geiger is the largest privately held promotional products distributor in the world and is the only distributor ranked in the “Top 10” for the last 30 straight years. In this energetic information-packed session, “The Selling CIO”, Dale Denham will talk about the role of product information in ecommerce and how it improved Geiger’s ability to promote and sell promotional products. Attendees will learn how to achieve business goals by identifying the critical steps involved in implementing a Product Information Management (PIM) system. Additionally, this session will cover how to use data and technology to support agility in sales and marketing operations.
Speaker: Dale Denham, CIO, Geiger

Panel discussion with sponsoring partners and speaking customers:

The global digital revolution: How vendors, distributors, retailers and individuals interact in the always on and connected world.
Moderator: Ben Rund, Sr. Director Product Marketing PIM & Procurement, Informatica

Innovations Connecting Buyers and Suppliers – What’s new in PIM and Procurement, Roadmap
Speakers: Stefan Reinhardt, Product Manager PIM, Jakki Geiger, Sr. Director Product Marketing MDM

Holistic Data Governance: A Framework for Competitive Advantage
Speaker: Rob Karel, VP Marketing & Strategy MDM

Four high value workshops, presented by domain experts and industry specialists:

  1. Workshop “Future of commerce use cases”: How recommendation, targeting, ecommerce, social and mobile need to leverage product information. Moderators: Nagesh Kanumury, Principle Product Manager & Rich Dase, Ideosity
  2. Workshop “Business use cases of collaboration and Business Processes Management”: Product information and beyond. Moderators: Daniel Walter, Product Manager PIM & Nimish Mehta, LumenData
  3. Workshop “Why business users required quality data”: use cases, rules, roles, dashboards and important KPIs. Moderators: Stefan Reinhardt, Product Manager PIM & Matt Wienke, Infoverity
  4. Workshop “Connecting the dots”: Business use cases leveraging the relations of different master data. Commerce Relevancy: Customer segmentation and product personalization. Supplier spend management and supplier catalogs. Moderators: Markus Schuster, Sr. Director Product Management PIM & Procurement & Naveen Sharma, Cognizant

Save your chair at this high value pre-conference day by signing up HERE.

Please feel free to contact me  (brund@informatica.com, +1 650 385 5151) or Cathy Wright (cawright@informatica.com, +1 650 385 5151) if you have any questions, or if you would like us to consider additional topics for the agenda. We look forward to seeing you at the MDM Day meeting on 12th May in Las Vegas.


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Architects: 8 Great Reasons To Be At Informatica World 2014

Architects INFA14For years, corporations have tried to solve business problems by “throwing new enterprise applications at them.” This strategy has created ‘silos of data’ that are attached to these applications and databases. As a result, it is now increasingly difficult to find, access and use the correct data for new projects.

Data fragmentation leads to slow project delivery and “shadow IT.” Without a change in enterprise data strategy, is it unlikely this problem will improve. On the contrary, the growth of cloud applications and platforms, mobile applications, NoSQL, and the “Internet of Things” create increasing urgency.  Unless a new approach to enterprise data management is taken, the house of cards is going to crumble.

I seriously doubt that this is a surprise to most of you. The question is, “What should we do about it?” The Informatica World 2014 event is a perfect place to find answers. Here are eight benefits architects will enjoy at Informatica World 2014:

  1. A dedicated track of breakout sessions for architects. This track explores reference architectures, design patterns, best practices and real-world examples for building and sustaining your next-generation information architecture. The track will begin with a keynote on the broader issues of enterprise data architecture. It will also include panel of architects from leading companies.
  2. Inspiration to participate in defining the enterprise data architecture of the future. (I can’t spoil it by divulging the details here, but I promise that it will be interesting and worth your while!)
  3. New insights on how to manage information for the data-centric enterprise. These will expand your thinking about data architecture and platforms.
  4. Chances to network with architect peers.
  5. A Hands-on Lab, were you can talk to Informatica experts about their products and solutions.
  6. Updates on what Informatica is doing to bring business subject matter experts in as full partners in the co-development of data-related projects.
  7. A chance to win a one-hour one-on-one session with an Informatica architect at Informatica World.
  8. A chance to learn to control your biggest enterprise system: The collection of all data-moving resources across your company.

We believe that architecture is the key to unleashing information potential. To compete in today’s global 24x7x365 economy, business requires well-designed information architectures that can continuously evolve to support the new heights of flexibility, efficiency, responsiveness, and trust. I hope you will join us in Las Vegas, May 12-15!

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