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Pearls of Wisdom for Digital Disruptors

I don’t know about you, but when I finish my time at a conference, I often feel a bit let down. Often, I find myself sorting through what I heard or learned, looking for one or maybe two pearls of wisdom. But last week, I was amazed as I took stock of this year’s Informatica World to find that I actually got 10 great pieces of wisdom that could be useful to anyone trying to be digital disruptor at their firm. One thing before, I get started. To protect the innocent, I will only accredit names to those that would be fine with me sharing what they said publically. So let’s get started.

  1. INFA15

    Pearls of Wisdom

    “Businesses are moving from the age of productivity to the age of engagement”, said Sohaib Abbasi. Sohaib’s comment clearly pick up on a recent theme of Geoffrey Moore, but goes further by asserting that enterprises that will have a continuing “right to win” will be in front of all things data. These winners, Sohaib claims, “realize that traditional approaches to data no longer work. This means that they know that they need be to master all things data—transactions, social, and even machine data”. In a retail setting, this means that they not just know a customer’s transactions but what the customer likes and who their friends are.

  2. “The data explosion is here. Winners will take advantage of this change. They will drive tangible benefits for their businesses. The world today is about analytics, interactions, and mobility”.
  3. “We need a new way to think about analytics. Analytics needs to be about fast, smart decisions”,said Tom Davenport. Yet, he said there is a problem with big data? What is next if we continue to call it big data–hellabyte, muchabyte, and lots of byte”?
  4. “Data is now a business driver and we need to treat data as a business asset”. Given this, being a successful digital disruptor requires a “common business vision of what we want to accomplish and a true partnership between the business and IT”.
  5. “There is a supply chain for data. This supply chain is about transforming data so it is at the right place at the right time”, said Narendra Mulani, Senior Managing Director, Accenture Analytics.
  6. “The IoT is a big word—it is a business risk but has the potential to change everything if we have a data strategy to deliver business value”Steven Levitt.
  7. Bill Ford says cars are rolling collections of sensors”, said Tom Davenport. A true Internet of Things?
  8. “We need to embed analytics into the business operating model. Doing so will align organizational process and technology and turn data into an enterprise driver”Paul Barrett, Accenture Analytics.
  9. “GE has determined that data should receive the same care that they build jet engines”, Scott Barber, GE
  10. With data science today, we have the opportunity to create a new age of reason…Democratization of data means that we can create change in our underpants”, said Jake Porway, DataKind.

There are a lot of big ideas in these quotes. Let me, therefore, try to summarize. The goal of enterprise software is changing from increasing productivity to increasing engagement between companies and their employees and companies and their customers. Because of mobility, users are demanding that they have their data now whether it is for small data or big data. And regardless of data type, data has to be great—for this reason, there needs to be supply chain of data. The IoT has to have specific goals to succeed. And increasingly data measurement needs to happen at the business operating model level. So with great data and great data science, the important wins will come through the democratization of data access and data use.

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Best Kept Secrets for Successful Data Governance

data governance

Best Kept Secrets for a Successful Data Governance

If you’ve spent some time studying and practicing data governance, you would agree that data governance is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor.  Across industries, a growing number of organizations have put data governance programs in place so they can more effectively manage their data to drive the business value. But the reality is, data governance is a complex process, and most companies practicing data governance today are still at the early phase of this very long journey.  In fact, according to the result from over 240 completed data governance assessments on http://governyourdata.com/, a community website dedicated to everything data governance, the average score for data governance maturity is only 1.6 out of 5. It’s no surprise that data governance was a hot topic at last week’s Informatica World 2015.  Over a dozen presentations and panel discussions on data governance were delivered; practitioners across various industries shared their real-world stories on topics ranging from how to kick-start a data governance program, how to build business cases for data governance, frameworks and stewardship management, to the choice of technologies.  For me, the key takeaways are:

  1. Old but still true – To do data governance the right way, you must start small and focus on achieving tangible results. Leverage the small victories to advance to the next phase.
  1. Be prepared to fail more than once while building a data governance program. But don’t quit, because your data will not.
  1. Why doesn't it fit?!One-size doesn’t fit all when it comes to building a data governance framework, which is a challenge for organizations, as there is no magic formula that companies can immediately adopt. Should you build a centralized or federated data governance operation? Well, that really depends on what works within your existing environment.
    In fact, when asked “what’s the most challenging area for your data governance effort” in our recent survey conducted at Informatica World 2015, “Identify roles and responsibilities” got the most mentions. Basic principle? – Choose a framework that blends well with your company‘s culture.
  1. pptLet’s face it, data governance is not an IT project, nor is it about fixing data problems. It is a business function that calls for people, process and technology working together to obtain the most value from your data. Our seasoned practitioners recommend a systematic approach: Your first priority should be people gathering – identifying the right people with the right skills and most importantly, those who have a passion for data; next is figuring out the process. Things to consider include: What’s the requirement for data quality? What metrics and measurements should be used for examining the data; how to handle exceptions and remediate data issues? How to quickly identify and apply security measures to the various data sets?  Third priority is selecting the right technologies  to implement and facilitate those processes to transform the data so it can be used to help meet  business goals.
  1. Business & IT Collaboration“Engage your business early on” is another important tip from our customers who have achieved early success with their data governance program. A data governance program will not be sustainable without participation from the business. The reason is simple – the business owns the data, they are the consumers of the data and have specific requirements for the data they want to use. IT needs to work collaboratively with business to meet those requirements so the data is fit for use, and provides good value for the business.
  1. Scalability, flexibility and interoperability should be the key considerations when it comes to selecting data governance technologies. Your technology platform should be able to easily adapt to the new requirements arising from the changes in your data environment.  A Big Data project, for example, introduces new data types, increased data speed and volume. Your data management solution should be agile enough to address those new challenges with minimum disruption to your workflow.

Data governance is HOT! The well-attended sessions at Informatica World, as well as some of our previously hosted webinars is testimony of the enthusiasm among our customers, partners, and our own employees on this topic. It’s an exciting time for us at Informatica because we are in a great position to help companies build an effective data governance program. In fact, many of our customers have been relying on our industry-leading data management tools to support their data governance program, and have achieved results in many business areas such as meeting compliance requirements, improving customer centricity and enabling advanced analytics projects. To continue the dialogue and facilitate further learning, I’d like to invite you to an upcoming webinar on May 28, to hear some insightful, pragmatic tips and tricks for building a holistic data governance program from industry expert David Loshin, Principal at Knowledge Integrity, Inc,  and Informatica’s own data governance guru Rob Karel.

Get Ready!

Get Ready!

“Better data is everyone’s job” –  well said by Terri Mikol, director of Data Governance at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.  For companies striving to leverage data to deliver business value, everyone within the company should treat data as a strategic asset and take on responsibilities for delivering clean, connected and safe data. Only then can your organization be considered truly “Data Ready”.

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Everybody‘s Doing It! Learn how at Informatica World 2015!


Learn more at Informatica World 2015

Everybody’s doing it.  And if not, they say they are doing it anyway!  Are you doing it?  We all hear the mantra: ‘Data is an asset’.  Everybody wants to get in on the action.  Hear at Informatica World 2015 how Informatica customers are using data integration agility to drive business agility.  These organizations are relying on the Informatica platform as their data foundation.  Does that sound a bit vague?  Let’s get more specific here…

Who hasn’t used PayPal to send a secure payment?  Would you like to know how PayPal is managing the data integration architecture to support and analyze 11.6 million payments per day? Hear PayPal’s Architect chat with Informatica PowerCenter Product Managers.  They will discuss Advanced Scaling, Metadata Management and Business Glossary.  Would you like to learn how these PowerCenter capabilities can benefit your business? Add this session to your IW15 registration.

Verizon’s Architect will talk about consolidating 50+ legacy applications into a new application architecture. Wow, that’s a massive data management effort!  Are you curious to learn more about how to successfully manage an application modernization effort of this scope using Informatica tools?  Add this session to your IW15 registration.

Did you know that HP boasts one of the most complex and largest Informatica installations on the face of the earth?  HP’s Informatica Shared Services architecture allows hundreds of projects throughout HP worldwide to use PowerCenter data integration capabilities.  And they do so easily and cost effectively.  Join the session to gain insight on the design, architecture, creation, support, and overall governance of this solution.  Would you like to learn more from HP on how to maximize the benefits of your Informatica investment?  Add this session to your IW15 registration.

You have probably had your tires replaced at Discount Tire.  Would you like to learn more about how Discount Tire leverages the Informatica Platform to gain business advantage?  Discount Tire’s architect will share how they test and monitor their Data Integration environment using PowerCenter capabilities, such as Data Validation Testing and Proactive Monitoring.  They will discuss the benefit of doing so across multiple use cases.  They will highlight Discount Tire’s migration to a new SAP application and how the Informatica platform supports this migration. Would you like to improve how you test and monitor you critical business processes?  Add this session to your IW15 registration.

Finally if your organization is planning any type of application modernization or rationalization, you will not want to miss this Informatica customer panel.  This session will features experts from Cisco, Verizon and Discount Tire.  Speakers will share their experience, insights and best practices for Application Consolidation and Migration.  As we discussed in a previous blog post, failure rates for these projects are staggeringly high.  Arm yourself with proven best practices for data management.  This has been shown to increase the success of application modernization projects! To learn more Add this session to your IW15 registration.

Register for infa15

Register now for Informatica World 2015

We hope you can join us at Informatica World 2015!  Come and enjoy the wealth of experience and insights shared by these industry experts and many others.  See you there!

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Put Yourself Ahead of Digital Transformation Curve – Informatica World 2015

The rapid advancement we are seeing in social, mobile and other digital technologies have transformed the way of our life significantly. My commute to airport for business travel takes three taps on an app on my smart phone and a leading retailer I shop frequently, knows what I like, which product I have put on the cart using my iPad, which products I “liked” on their social channels so they can do real-time recommendations while I am at their physical store. Their employees are now armed with information that is integrated in ways that empower them be more customer-centric than ever before.

All these rapid changes just over a decade are bought to us by companies that pioneered the digital transformation and data is at the center of this revolution. These organizations gained competitive advantage from social, mobile, analytics, cloud, and internet of things technologies. In a world filled with data of different variety, volume and velocity, it’s more important for organizations to become data-ready. While the potential for insight in big data is massive, we need a new generation of Master Data Management to realize all the potential.

In the contrast of this rapid change fueled by data, growing number of companies are realizing that they now have a massive opportunity in front of them. At the centers of this digital transformation is master data that provides an opportunity for organizations to:

  • Better understand customers, their household and relationships so they can do effective cross-sell and up-sell
  • Identify customers interacting with company via different channels so they can push relevant offer to these customers in real time.
  • Offer better product recommendations to customers based on their purchasing and browsing behavior
  • Optimize the way they manage their inventory leading to significant cost savings
  • Manage supplier relationships more effectively so they can negotiate better rate
  • Provide superior patient care and cure harmful deceases at early stage by creating patient-centric solutions that connect health information from more and more sources
  • Master wellhead and other upstream exploration and production assets so they can do better crew allocation and production planning
  • Be compliant to complex and ever changing government regulations leading to significant savings in terms of fines and punishments

We will talk about all this and more at Informatica World 2015 which is happening next week in Las Vegas. Join us for the MDM Day on May 12 followed by Information Quality and Governance track sessions on May 13 and 14. Register now.

We have 37 sessions that cover Master Data Management, Omnichannel Commerce, Data Quality, Data as a Service and Big Data Relationship Management. You get a chance to learn from Informatica’s customers about their experience, best practices from our partners and our vision and roadmap straight from our product management team. We will also talk about master data fueled Total Customer Relationship and Total Supplier Relationship applications that leverage our industry leading multidomain MDM platform.

Informatica world 2015

Here is your guide to sessions that will be covered. I will see you there. If you want to say hello in person, reach out to me at @MDMGeek and follow @InfaMDM twitter handle for all the latest news. The hash tag for this event is #INFA15


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Financial Services at Informatica World 2015


Informatica World 2015

Yes boys and girls, it’s that time again. Counting down to sunny casino soaked days in Las Vegas for Informatica World 2015. Exciting stuff to be sure. Every year we get re-energized and excited about all the great things that can be done with data. How can you take your enterprise and truly each and every waking minute to the next level in working with data?

And financial services topics are no exception. It’s been an exciting year of new innovations and new initiatives in financial services. Everything from data governance excellence, regulatory reporting to a better understanding of account and policyholders and all of the analytics in between. Very exciting. So let’s run down a few of the highlights of things you can see this year from financial services at Informatica World 2015. We look forward to seeing you there…

I won’t even mention the great general sessions and education that are taking place throughout the event. Needless to say those will be, as my five year old says, epic. And for anyone really wanting to dive deep into Big Data, make sure to join the hours of fun on Tuesday for the Big Data Ready Summit.

Make sure to kick off your conference the right way with a private breakfast for financial services on Tuesday featuring an eye opening “Good Morning Informatica” style talk show.

For those interested in maximizing your Informatica platform investment in Big Data, make sure to catch the panel with BB&T, Transamerica and others on May 13. More excited about innovations in data integration, catch the innovation in data insight from USBank also on May 13. Things get even juicier as MasterCard discusses the use of data hubs for better analytics earlier that same morning.

Now for you fans of Data Governance, we didn’t forget you. With such an important area of emphasis for financial services, we have the leaders of the EDM Council discussing data governance frameworks and industry best practices on May 14. We also have Fidelity Investments drilling into metadata management as part of their governance innovation on May 13. And who could forget GE Capital ANZ talking to us about operational efficiencies in compliance programs that same afternoon.

We can’t leave out Cloud integration, with State Street discussion their experiences in Cloud and a Total Customer Relationship on May 13. JPMorgan Chase talks about data security in development on May 13, we all know that’s a hot topic in financial services these days.

And so many other great sessions in financial services and beyond, including the several hours of Meet the Experts sessions where you can speak in a more intimate setting about your needs on specific topics like banking and insurance. Check out the session grid for more information.

If you are attending Informatica World 2015, and we certainly hope you are, make sure to talk to your account contact about setting up an Executive Briefing. There you can spend that dedicated time with product and industry experts to focus on your needs.

Safe travels; good luck and we’ll see you in Las Vegas!!!

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Commerce Ready Data for B2B & B2C at Informatica World

If you’ve been contemplating to transform your business, making it a priority to embrace digital transformation, this year’s Informatica World 2015, in Las Vegas, has a series of B2B and B2C sessions for you. Here are some I wish to recommend:

B2B Commerce Ready Data

PartsSource Improve Customer Experience with Product Information in Medical Parts
Brian Thomas, Director of Application, PartsSource

A leading provider of medical replacement parts solutions, PartsSource will discuss how it uses Informatica PIM as the foundation for its omnichannel strategy and to support its industry-first one-stop shop online catalog for medical parts. PartsSource will explain how Informatica helped reduce the time needed to launch and update products from 120 minutes to 2 minutes using fewer employees, making it easier than ever to connect over 3,300 hospitals to thousands of OEMs and suppliers.

B2C Commerce Ready Data

Elkjop and Monsanto: PIM and MDM to Manage Product and Customer Data
Thomas Thykjer, Master Data Architect, Elkjop Nordics AS
Jim Stellern, US Commercial Data Management and BI IT Lead, Monsanto

Elkjop, the largest consumer electronics retailer in the Nordic countries, increased both its product range offering and the quality of its product information across its entire portfolio by leveraging the strong embedded Data Quality tools found in the Informatica PIM. Elkjop will also discuss how they reduced their yearly development costs and operating costs.

Monsanto developed a strategy to address customer data quality issues, clearly articulated the business value of implementing the strategy, and successfully implemented the solution leveraging Informatica MDM and a new data governance program.

Register to Informatica World Now!

Omnichannel Ready: What’s New in PIM 8?

Latest Features, Demo and Roadmap

Stefan Reinhardt, Senior Product Manager PIM, R&D DEU PIM, Informatica
Ben Rund, Sr. Director Product Marketing, Information Quality Solutions, Informatica

Are you commerce ready? Can you say the same about your data? Are you focused on the betterment of your supply chain, marketing, ecommerce, merchandising and category management This session, aimed at those wanting to sell more products faster.

Learn what’s new with PIM 8:

  • Kits and bundles for superior cross-selling
  • High data volumes architecture
  • Role- and task-based web interfaces for increased efficiency on product content collaboration
  • Business user dashboard
  • 1WorldSync data pool syndication for compliant CPG data
  • Product Data as a Service (DaaS) for price intelligence and content benchmarking.

We will be covering all those new features during the session through in a live demo.

Furthermore, we will also cover the PIM roadmap, showcasing how PIM is evolving and gaining MDM like features, by fueling product data apps for different use cases and industries, leveraging the Intelligent Data Platform.

User Group Session for Omnichannel

Are you looking to talk to the experts? Don’t miss out on our user group sessions where you will be able to discuss and work directly with the R&D and product management experts. They will be there to answer your questions as well as hear your thoughts and feedback. It’s your opportunity to be heard and get an answer to your question, don’t miss out!

Register to Informatica World Now!

37 Sessions to Master the Digital Transformation

An overall of 37 sessions, focused on different Master Data Management and Information Governance, key disciplines and the foundation of successfully mastering digital transformation, will be held on the 12th and 13th of May.

View the agenda grid to get an overview

View the session catalog to understand more details

Register to Informatica World Now!

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Well Answered.


Well Data for Upstream Oil & Gas Companies

Seven steps to clean, trusted and aligned well data.

Is your data ready to help you make the big decisions? “Data and analytics inputs” (37%) just nudged out “my own experience and intuition” (33%) when energy executives were asked as part of PWC’s 2014 Big Decisions survey on what they relied most for the last big decision they made.

But, what about the little decisions? The ones that add up and either create value or contribute to waste, primarily in the area of operational efficiency? It’s important to think about this aspect of decision making too.

In a recent article by Forbes magazine, Tom Morgan, Analyst and Corporate Counsel at Drillinginfo, credits the present stamina of the unconventional plays to efficiency gains. These gains have been as much as 25% and are altering the profitability thresholds for productive wells, changing many of the beliefs on which today’s headlines are focused.

A well’s profitability is driven by multiple variables, including well location, lease terms, number of wells drilled, uptime, partners, resources, and so on. These attributes are monitored and combined to ensure a well reaches its full productive potential. But how do you know if the information you’re depending on is ready to provide the answers you need when you need them?

Given that an unconventional well’s productivity declines after the first 2 years, every decision made in this short timeframe puts the well’s profitability at risk. Approaching bad or incomplete data as a ‘cost of doing business’ can mean millions of dollars in unnecessary waste – per well.

The best strategic and operational decisions stem from clean, trusted, and aligned data. Kudos to the upstream, unconventional teams that are leading the way to exploiting how data is used in the oil & gas industry. The most effective way to ensure your data is decision ready is to adopt these seven steps:

  1. Integrate well information. Bring together fragmented data you expect to be consistent across systems but isn’t.
  2. Evaluate the quality of data. Make sure the information is accurate and complete. If it isn’t, you can see what needs to be fixed.
  3. De-duplicate it. Automatically identify duplicate records and reconcile them into a single well profile.
  4. Enrich it. Enhance well profiles with 3rd party data such as state/local and IHS data.
  5. Validate it. Ensure you can identify the correct well when you need to. (It’s harder than it sounds.)
  6. Relate it. See relationships between wells, assets, associates, suppliers and partners, and the projects they’re associated with.
  7. Deliver it. Fuel business and analytical applications with clean, consistent and connected well information.

As O&G companies look to save on IT costs, they need to look to areas that add value or decrease other costs over the long term. Chris Niven, IDC analyst, sums it up best: “Oil and gas companies need to spend their investments wisely to help them become agile and operationally efficient.”

On Tuesday, May 12, during InformaticaWorld 2015, Devon Energy, a Fortune 500 company, will join other industry innovators during MDM Day. Devon will share how they’re using data virtualization to streamline their data processes and gain efficiencies and insights in the process. Be sure to register here.

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Tweet Your Way to the Top at Informatica World

The Informatica World 2014 Conference is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! In fact, we want the whole WORLD to know. And, if you’re going to be there, we want YOU to tell the world all about it! So, to inspire attendees to share the great news, we’d decided to create three super cool Twitter contests.

Twitter Contest 1: “Top Author”

Tweet your way to the top of Informatica World 2014! To participate in the #INFA14 “Top Author” contest, you must:

Twitter Contest Tweet

  1. Be a registered attendee of the Informatica World 2014 conference
  2. Be employed neither by Informatica nor an event sponsor
  3. Tweet relevant content about the conference from a personal Twitter account between Monday, May 12 at 9:00AM (PDT) and Thursday, May 15 at 11:59pm (PDT)
  4. Include the #INFA14 hashtag in each participating tweet

The contestant who sends the highest number of relevant, unique tweets from a personal (not corporate) account during this time frame will win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, 5/20/2014 from the @INFAworld Twitter account. Along the way, you can watch the conversation unfold in real-time here.

Twitter Contest 2: “Top Promoter”

Share at Informatica World for a Chance to Win! To participate in the #INFA14 “Top Promoter” contest, you must:

Twitter Contest Retweet

  1. Be a registered attendee of the Informatica World 2014 conference
  2. Be employed neither by Informatica nor an event sponsor
  3. Retweet posts that contain the #INFA14 hashtag from a personal Twitter account between Monday, May 12 at 9:00AM (PDT) and Thursday, May 15 at 11:59pm (PDT)
  4. Include the #INFA14 hashtag in each participating tweet

The contestant who retweets the greatest number of #INFA14 tweets from a personal (not corporate) account during this time frame will win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, 5/20/2014 from the @INFAworld Twitter account. Along the way, you can watch the conversation unfold in real-time here.

Twitter Contest 3: “Loudest Voice”

Make an impression at Informatica World 2014! To participate in the #INFA14 “Loudest Voice” contest, you must:

Twitter Contest Reach

  1. Be a registered attendee of the Informatica World 2014 conference
  2. Be employed neither by Informatica nor an event sponsor
  3. Tweet relevant content about the conference from a personal Twitter account between Monday, May 12 at 9:00AM (PDT) and Thursday, May 15 at 11:59pm (PDT)
  4. Include the #INFA14 hashtag in each original tweet
  5. Retweet posts that contain the #INFA14 hashtag from a personal Twitter account between Monday, May 12 at 9:00AM (PDT) and Thursday, May 15 at 11:59pm (PDT)

On Friday, 5/16/2014, the Hill and Knowlton Strategies digital team will use the TweetReach service to calculate the contestant who generated the most total impressions from a personal (not corporate) account on the #INFA14 hashtag. This user will win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, 5/20/2014 from the @INFAworld Twitter account. Along the way, you can watch the conversation unfold in real-time here.


A few disclaimers and caveats before you begin:

  • Do not create multiple accounts to enter any of these contests more than once. Twitter could notice this behavior and could elect to suspend your accounts.
  • Do not post the same Tweet repeatedly. Posting duplicate tweets is a violation of Twitter Rules and will result in disqualification from these contests.
  • Do not post irrelevant content on the #INFA14 hashtag. For a tweet to be considered, it must pertain to the conference experience and to the general topics covered at the conference. Informatica reserves the right to discount tweets on the hashtag that do not pertain to the conference from the final tally.

If you have any questions about what is permitted, please consult the Twitter Rules.

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Cognizant at Informatica World 2014

Cognizant at Informatica World 2014

Cognizant at Informatica World 2014

Cognizant is a leading provider of information technology, consulting, and business process outsourcing services, dedicated to helping the world’s leading companies build stronger businesses.

Informatica and Cognizant have enjoyed a successful partnership for over 10 years. Together, we have delivered joint solutions across multiple domains, collaborating closely in the areas of Data Integration, Master Data Management, Application ILM, and Test Data Management.

Recently, Informatica announced that Cognizant won the 2013 Alliance Partner of the Year award. This award honors the alliance partner who has delivered the most innovative, business problem-solving solutions during the past year leveraging Informatica products and technologies.

This year, Cognizant will once again be a Platinum sponsor of Informatica World. Conference attendees can connect with Cognizant team members at the following locations and events:

  • Booth 19: A Taste of Success – Celebrate with champagne, sparking cider and chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Pre-Conference MDM Day – Have MDM Supplier Relationship questions? Ask a Cognizant expert
  • PaW148: An Agile Universal DI Approach – Learn about Code Halos™ with Cognizant AVP James Jeude
  • ARCH120: Data, Data Everywhere but not a Byte to Consume – Need optimal test data solutions? Join this session

Together, Cognizant and Informatica can help strengthen your competitive advantage, in order to drive better business decisions, provide granular business insights and increase your time-to-market.

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Accenture Analytics at Informatica World 2014

Accenture Analytics at Informatica World

Accenture Analytics at Informatica World

Managing and integrating data is a critical function of the digital enterprise. Since 1999, Accenture and Informatica have collaborated to help organizations (like yours) transform their data-related issues into powerful business outcomes.

In fact, the Accenture and Informatica alliance has delivered more than 1,000 projects globally, across all major industries.

This year, Accenture will again be a Platinum sponsor of Informatica World. Accenture is also excited to be a sponsor of MDM Pre-conference Day. By attending their sessions below, you’ll learn new ways to integrate and harness actionable business insights through analytics.

  1. MDM Day: Driving Value from Business-Critical Information – Learn to drive value from business-critical info with Chuck Nardi, Managing Director, Accenture Digital – Data and Analytics
  2. MDM Day: Ask-the-Experts – Discuss MDM and PIM Integration with Hersh Shah and Sourabh Mukherjee.
  3. PaW153: From Digitally Disrupted to Digital Disruptor: Accenture’s Technology Vision 2014 – Chuck Nardi shows how, together, Accenture and Informatica are helping the new digital disruptors to get out in front of the dramatic changes digital technology and analytics are enabling.
  4. ARCH124: Implementation with a Software as a Service (SaaS) Approach – Learn how Accenture and Informatica are helping clients gain competitive advantage from their data using a SaaS approach with Steve Li

Accenture and Informatica can help you harness data and new technologies to move along your Analytics Journey to ROI. Accenture’s Informatica World sessions will show how to gain insights from data to help improve business performance and increase return from data and analytics investments.

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