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Make Time an Asset not an Enemy

Do you know how long ago the earthquake in Haiti was?  It was 9 months ago.  For some reason, when I heard a recent report, that fact caught me off guard. Wow, 9 months ago! Next year will be 10 years after 9-11.

Just try to catch time

They say time is a constant but it certainly feels like it’s constantly speeding up and passing us by.  It’s so easy to see how time is our enemy. After all it’s the only sure roadmap to all our earthly destinies (sorry for getting philosophical for a moment).

How do we turn time into an organizational asset?  Time seems to always be the enemy when we are in a “reactive” state.  This is when something bad has already happened and we are working to fix it.

But, instrumenting both technical and business operations to sense more granular activities and identify meaningful opportunities is the key way we turn time into an asset.  So, do you fight time? Or do you take time by the horns and make it a strategic advantage?

We’ll be talking about being proactive when it comes to emergency services and public safety at Informatica World.  I’m excited to have retired NYPD detective Gary Maio (now partner at Data Vision Group) and Bellingham Fire Chief Bill Boyd (Twitter handle ‘chiefb2‘) presenting on Wednesday, November 3rd at Informatica World in Washington, DC. They’ll talk about real cases, the challenges they face and the technology currently used along with their vision for the future – a future that will make us all safer.

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Rich On Data, Poor On Actionable Insight

InformationWeek says companies lack Real-Time Insight

Many companies have built out their data infrastructure, composed of large data warehouses, varying data marts, integration processes, quality controls and much more.  And, it has driven tremendous value in the form of stronger business intelligence, better views of the customer, faster business processes and more.  But, with all the help on the analysis side, where’s the evolution in putting those findings into operational practice. Like quickly identifying that a premium/platinum-level client was put on hold by a customer care agent for more than 5 minutes (and no, the “we are experiencing unusually high call volume” does not let anyone off the hook).

InformationWeek’s May 24, 2010 cover story was titled “Are your Apps Smart Enough” and it prominently featured a BI report card.  Here were the grades: (more…)

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