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Next-Generation Data Virtualization Series Part 2 – Characteristics

So, where have I been since my last blog? Well, I have been working on our new Architect to Architect webinar series on data virtualization, which is very exciting for me as I get to rub shoulders (virtually speaking) with hundreds of industry architects.

The interactive nature and record attendance at these webinars have made one thing very clear – data virtualization is indeed top of mind. In my last blog we discussed the concept and how data virtualization is different or a superset of traditional data federation, especially as it overcomes many limitations of the latter. Wayne Eckerson did a great job at tracking the evolution of data federation in a recent webinar and blog. (more…)

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All That Data, So Little Time – Can Data Virtualization Help Comply With Dodds-Frank?

Specific deadlines related to Dodds-Frank are coming due and banking organizations are scrambling to find ways to satisfy the increasing demand for more transparency and access to the right data to satisfy certain aspects of the law. Here are a few examples:

Within 12 Months:

  • Derivative clearing and swap dealer regulation
  • Compliance with the new Office of Financial Research (OFR)

Within the first 18 months:

  • Volker rule goes into effect
  • Liabilities cap on large financial firms
  • Heightened standards / minimum leverage and risk-based capital requirements
  • Remittance error resolution standards

Within 24 months:

  • Proposed simplified mortgage disclosures
  • Contingent capital report and rule-making (more…)
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