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“1 + 1 = 3″- Empower The Business While At The Same Time Freeing Up IT Resource

“The business own the data – but they’re not great owners”. What a great customer quote which represents how many IT people feel about the lack of engagement from the business around data quality! The context of the quote was a discussion with an IT Director on how to involve the business in data quality initiatives. Today IT drives many data quality initiatives but when IT asks for the names of the business people who are going to work with them, they get very little response.

How do we solve this dilemma? (more…)

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Musings From TDWI

Las Vegas, as we all know, is the city of conventions, fantastic shows, great restaurants, and of course casinos. But one thing struck me on this visit that I hadn’t really noticed before. Each of these aspects of Las Vegas are world class in and of themselves. But when you really start to think about it, they are even more attractive as a complete set of activities which the conventioneer can pick and choose from to maximize the value of the trip – me, I chose to spend the day at TDWI sessions, dine at Bouchon, catch the Beatle’s Love show, and twice placed $5 down on #9 at the roulette table. Each of these is world class by themselves, but together, they provided an integrated experience that was greater than the sum of the parts. (more…)

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Informatica’s Partners Help Achieve Record Participation In Informatica 9 Launch

Informatica 9 Last Tuesday’s virtual launch of Informatica 9 was the most widely attended and covered Informatica event ever due in large part to our partners’ overwhelming support. Informatica’s partners proved themselves to be truly an extension of our own organization. Not only did we have record partner participation in the form of validating quotes for the event site and press releases that went out, our partners referred over 2,500 of their own customers to the launch event! This type of momentum is a great example of both the level of commitment we have worked to create within our network of partners and validation of the fact that our partners truly believe in the central objective of the Informatica 9 platform – to deliver relevant, trusted data when, where, and how it’s needed to support the changing needs of customers. 2009 has been a very successful year for Informatica, for the INFORM partner program and for the majority of our partner community. We look forward to the opportunities that 2010 will bring as we continue to build on the momentum created by the launch into the end of the year and beyond when we in the Alliances Organization will focus our efforts to fully enable our partner community to bring Informatica 9 to the market place through a combination of educational web seminars, demos, hands-on technical training and live events.

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Introducing Informatica Cloud 9 – The Defining Capability For Cloud Computing

Informatica 9 Today we made an announcement called Informatica Cloud 9.  This is the culmination of many years of hard work and effort and builds on the Informatica 9 announcement we made last week.  So what is so special about Informatica Cloud 9?  Is it the new Platform-as-a-Service offering?  Or it is the new Cloud Services we delivered?  Or is it the new capabilities on Amazon EC2?  What are all these things and why are they important?

Let me explain: (more…)

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Application ILM And Data Governance Go Hand In Hand – Part 1

For my first blog on Informatica Perspectives, I would like to take a moment and introduce myself and let you know some of the topics I plan to discuss over the next few weeks.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my experience on the Application ILM market through this venue.  Informatica’s investment in this area with the Applimation acquisition is very exciting.  Having worked exclusively in this space for more than 6 years, I am looking forward to sharing my perspective on various topics that I hope you all find helpful.  Topics will include why I believe this acquisition makes sense – especially with the latest Informatica 9 release, Data Governance and ILM Go Together Like Peas and Carrots, SOX, Application Sunsetting, and really anything that has to do with Application ILM and information integration. (more…)

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Informatica 9 Sweet Spots

Informatica 9 There’s been a lot of hoopla this week about Informatica 9, and rightfully so.  A lot of people at Informatica have been working on this release for a long time, and we’re all excited about the potential it has to help our customers get to the next level.  Informatica 9 can be used in many different ways to help organizations deliver more value from their data to the business.  But there are several business use cases which are really a sweet spot for Informatica 9, based on the traction we have seen already with real-world customers.

  • Regulatory/compliance/financial reporting.  Informatica’s heritage is in data warehousing, which is a fundamental underpinning to reporting systems.  But even with all the great advances that both business intelligence and data integration technologies have achieved, CFOs are still challenged in many ways.  Hidden data quality issues put them at risk for non-compliance, leading to penalties, brand degradation, or even jail time.  Minor changes in data sources—say a business rule that has been changed or a format has been adjusted—if not handled correctly and quickly also can mean that reports are incomplete or erroneous.  And it simply takes too long for any new sources of relevant information to be incorporated into the reporting structure.  Informatica 9 can really help in these areas by making data quality issues much more visible, and by drastically reducing the amount of time it takes to accommodate changes in the data underlying the reports. (more…)
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The NEXT BIG THING Is Here – Informatica 9

Informatica 9 For those of you who have been following my blog for some time, you no doubt remember the May article on THE NEXT BIG THING and the 10 Weeks to Lean Integration series. You also hopefully recall the discussions about the Integration Factory being the dominant integration platform technology for the next decade. While elements of the factory capability have been around for years, the Informatica 9 platform now offers the ability to build high-speed, efficient, “green” integrations with seamless collaboration between Business and IT. (more…)

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Your Data Is YOUR Business

Informatica 9 A customer commented on this to me the other day – “your data is your business”.  Two meanings in one phrase and eloquently stating the modern world that we live in today.  We have evolved computing in many ways over the last 20 years.  Today, with the launch of Informatica 9, we are evolving the computing model one further time because, quite simply “Your data is YOUR business” and “Your data IS your business”.

It’s your organization’s most important proprietary asset. Are you really managing it that way?

The answer for most companies is “No”. (more…)

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Managing Data As An Asset (Part 2) – Walking The Walk

Informatica 9 In my last posting, I wrote about how we often talk about managing data as an asset, but that one of the major barriers to actually doing so is the difficulty in putting a monetary value on the data.

A somewhat more tangible, if no less complex issue, is that the processes and tools for managing data as an asset are often not in place. Data governance is often defined in terms of managing data as an asset, and this discipline, while still nascent, is evolving rapidly. Many companies have started to define and standardize on data governance processes, as well as formalize data governance roles such as data stewards. But we’re a long way from maturity here.

Moreover, the technology infrastructure that underpins these processes is still inadequate in most organizations. (more…)

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Avoid Fire-Fighting Through Early Data Quality

Informatica 9 To paraphrase a former US Supreme Court Justice, “good data quality is sometimes hard to define, but we all know it when we see it”.  It’s even easier to see the effects of poor data quality on our business processes, our sanity, and our stomach lining.  Without an enterprise focus on data quality, data quality issues tend to first become visible deep in the information structure, far from the data’s source and far from a point where a fix can be achieved quickly and efficiently.

When data quality problems are discovered too late, we have few choices, and none of them are ideal.  We can let it go, leaving the problem unfixed for a later effort.  We can go into fire fighting mode, cobbling together a fix that is neither optimal in result nor reusable in ongoing processes.  We can begin the laborious process of tracing the error to its source, diagnosing the problem, and implementing procedures to correct and monitor the root cause for the future. (more…)

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