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Informatica ILM Nearline Achieves SAP-Certified Integration

Informatica announced yesterday the  Informatica ILM Nearline product is SAP-certified.  ILM Nearline helps IT organizations reduce costs of managing data growth in existing implementations of the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) and SAP HANA. By doing so, customers can leverage freed budgets and resources to invest in its application landscape and data center modernization initiatives. Informatica ILM Nearline v6.1A for use with SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP HANA, available today, is purpose-built for SAP environments leveraging native SAP interfaces.

Data volumes are growing the fastest in data warehouse and reporting applications[1], yet a significant amount of it is rarely used or infrequently accessed. In deployments of SAP NetWeaver BW, standard SAP archiving can reduce the size of a production data warehouse database to help preserve its performance, but if users ever want to query or manipulate the archived data, the data needs to be loaded back into the production system disrupting data analytics processes and extending time to insight. The same holds true for SAP HANA.

To address this, ILM Nearline enables IT to migrate large volumes of largely inactive SAP NetWeaver BW or SAP HANA data from the production database or in memory store to online, secure, highly compressed, immutable files in a near-line system while maintaining end-user access.  The result is a controlled environment running SAP NetWeaver BW or SAP HANA with predictable, ongoing hardware, software and maintenance costs.  This helps ensure service-level agreements (SLAs) can be met while freeing up ongoing budget and resources so IT can focus on innovation.

Informatic ILM Nearline for use with SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP HANA has been certified with the following interfaces:

“Informatica ILM Nearline for use with SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP HANA is all about reducing the costs of data while keeping the data easily accessible and thus valuable,” said Adam Wilson, general manager, ILM, Informatica. “As data volumes continue to soar, the solution is especially game-changing for organizations implementing SAP HANA as they can use the Informatica-enabled savings to help offset and control the costs of their SAP HANA licenses without disrupting the current SAP NetWeaver BW users’ access to the data.”

Specific advantages of Informatica ILM Nearline include:

  • Industry-leading compression rates – Informatica ILM Nearline’s compression rates exceed standard database compression rates by a sizable margin. Customers typically achieve rates in excess of 90 percent, and some have reported rates as high as 98 percent.
  •  Easy administration and data access – No database administration is required for data archived by Informatica ILM Nearline. Data is accessible from the user’s standard SAP application screen without any IT interventions and is efficiently stored to simplify backup, restore and data replication processes.
  • Limitless capacity – Highly scalable, the solution is designed to store limitless amounts of data without affecting data access performance.
  • Easy storage tiering – As data is stored in a highly compressed format, the nearline archive can be easily migrated from one storage location to another in support of a tiered storage strategy.

Available now, Informatica ILM Nearline for use with SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP HANA is based on intellectual property acquired from Sand Technology in Q4 2011 and enhanced by Informatica.

[1] Informatica Survey Results, January 23, 2013 (citation from Enterprise Data Archive for Hybrid IT Webinar)

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Five Keys to Achieving Proactive Application Performance

Proactive performance management of systems and applications has always been an elusive goal for many organizations. We have enough fires to fight and issues to deal with in our day to day life to make searching for performance problems rank somewhere just below defragging our hard drives. At Informatica we talk with companies every day that try to manage their application performance proactively but lack the tools or process to make it happen. In this blog we will talk about the five keys to making proactive performance a reality. (more…)

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Introducing Informatica’s Data Governance Framework

As promised in my last post, I’m kicking off an ongoing blog series to share my efforts in designing data governance best practices and tools to help Informatica’s customers and partners optimize the value they can derive from their data assets.

To begin, I want to introduce Informatica’s Data Governance Framework.  As you can see, the framework is categorized into ten complementary facets.  Why facets?  When an organization can focus and invest in all the competencies listed, true value – like that of a rare gem – is created.   (more…)

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Informatica at EMC World – Where Big Data Needs Integration

This week the EMC World 2012 conference is taking place in Las Vegas.  Informatica is participating as a partner continuing its commitment to the EMC Select Partnership for the Informatica ILM and MDM solutions.   Informatica has continued to expand its partnership to include support for its Greenplum Hadoop distribution – mostly to support organizations needs for big data integration while making big data manageable and secure. (more…)

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Healthcare and Application Retirement Part 1

In this video, Richard Cramer, chief healthcare strategist, and Claudia Chandra, senior director, product management, ILM, Informatica, discuss healthcare and application retirement.

During this discussion (the first of two videos), Richard and Claudia cover the following topics as they relate to healthcare:

- The business case for application retirement
- Additional drivers for application retirement

The second video, discusses application retirement project scope, enterprise IT initiatives and how application retirement is the fastest way for IT to save money now.

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Your Biggest IT Security Nightmare – Non-Production Data

Everyone is worried about data security and privacy as they should be; for data to be trusted, users and management need confidence in not just knowing that data is correct, but also in knowing that it is secure and that access is permitted only in controlled situations. There is no shortage of security disaster stories, but I’m not worried about production data since it is at the heart of application management disciplines which, while still not perfect, have had 50 years to mature. This perspective is stated succinctly by Ronald Reagan when he spoke about the economy and said “I am not worried about the deficit. It is big enough to take care of itself.” (more…)

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Adding A Dash Of ILM And MDM To A Bowl Of ECM And SAN Soup Makes Data Governance Taste Good

What do you get when you combine Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), Master Data Management (MDM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), and Storage Area Networks (SAN)? A compelling Data Management solution on a single purchase order that finally closes the gap on databases.  EMC announced this last week at EMC World 2010 that they will start reselling Informatica’s Data Archive and Master Data Management products as part of the EMC Select program. Why does this taste good to data management practitioners? Because EMC customers have been in need for a single solution to manage, retain and archive ALL data, not just email and files.


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What Are Your Legacy Applications Costing You?

Has your application portfolio changed over the past 10 years? Have you migrated to newer systems and infrastructure to make your company more competitive? Has your organization gone through mergers or acquisitions where you ‘inherited’ additional applications? Over time, even though these applications may not be used to support current business processes, they are kept on life support simply for occasional access requirements or maybe to meet retention compliance.

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Information Stores That Persist Too Long

In a recent blog from Informatica’s Data Archive Product Manager, Claudia Chandra, she discusses the need for and the business value of retiring legacy applications.  This is another excellent topic on how to keep what you need and delete everything else. Purge what is not needed and reduce cost.  From a legal discussion perspective, The Sedona Conference has invested in a Working Group Series Publication on the very same topic.  The working group on Electronic Document Retention and Production (WG1) shares their insight in the paper “The Sedona Conference® Commentary on Inactive Information Sources: Guidance Principles for Identifying, Classifying, Retaining and Destroying Orphaned, Legacy and Dormant ESI”.

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