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Rationalizing Master Data as a Utility

One of the biggest issues I have with most MDM implementation is the sacrificing of assessing data consumer requirements in deference to data consolidation. In general, my complaint is that the creation of a master data repository does not guarantee any creation or improvement of value to the organization unless there are clearly-defined ways in which the master data sets are to be used. (more…)

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Social MDM and Future Competitive Intelligence

As if Master Data Management (MDM) as we know it today isn’t hard enough, we may have new challenges (and opportunities) ahead related to the drastic growing of social networks and the appetite among organizations for digging into big data.

In traditional MDM we aim to optimize the identification and descriptions of the who, what and where in traditional systems of record. Basically we handle our own products, our present suppliers, our current customers and known prospects and the related locations. When moving on to Social MDM we aim to link those entities to the who, what and where in systems of engagement so we may better handle descriptions of our own products, collaborate with suppliers and follow our customers and known prospects footprint in the digital world. (more…)

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Data Tales From Afar

With our Informatica9 World Tour in full swing, I have found the last month to be extremely exhilarating meeting clients across North America, South America, Europe and Australia. I have met with banking clients in New York, major telco operators in Brazil, government institutions in Sweden and retailers in Australia.

Several people have asked me if there have been any major differences from region to region. My observation is “yes … and no”. Let me explain:


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Why Tax Agencies Need A Unified View Of The Taxpayer

The infamous April 15th deadline is drawing near.  Like many of you, I spent last weekend filling out my tax returns.  Did you know that, with over 140 million taxpayers in the US, income tax evasion and fraud are the main sources of lost tax revenue?  In 2007, it was close to $350 billion — about 14% of the US government’s revenue for the fiscal year.  How can tax and revenue agencies like the IRS and California’s Franchise Tax Board efficiently detect fraud and collect lost tax revenue?

One of the keys to detecting fraud is having a clear view of the taxpayer population.  Creating a ‘Unified View of Taxpayer’ can help agencies understand a taxpayer’s history, accurately identify honest taxpayers from fraudulent ones, detect tax payment anomalies, link taxpayers to their existing financial transactions to detect suspicious patterns and concentrate agency resources on truly suspicious tax returns for auditing purposes. (more…)

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Refilling State Coffers After The Recession

While the market is showing signs of recovery from the “Great Recession” most state budgets have been feeling the squeeze from the lag in recovery. In a recent article titled The Sorry State of Finances, Liam Denning explained that, “55% of state revenue, before federal transfers, comes from personal and corporate income tax.” Denning also stated that, “the first three quarters of 2009 were the worst for state tax since at least 1963.”

There is an apparent lag between recovery in the private sector and a state receiving tax revenue. So what can states do about this problem while they suffer in the red? Mr. Denning said, “Since states can’t run general funding deficits, closing gaps mean raising taxes, cutting services and resorting to one-time measures.” Mr. Denning’s list of solutions is certainly accurate, but does it include all options that states have? What about employing new technology to discover fraud or recover uncollected revenue? (more…)

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The Cobblers Children

Informatica 9 Over the last few months I have observed a variety of posts and discussions relating to managing data quality.   I thought it might be interesting to discuss how we are using our own software to help drive data quality across our company.  We are on a journey and I’d like to share our progress with you over the coming months.  Our goal, like yours, is to deliver trusted, relevant and timely data to all parts of
our business.


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Catching The Dodgers And Raising Taxes – Without “Raising Taxes”

What a year it’s been.  The financial markets have been in turmoil and we’re deep inside a recession.  I pay my taxes, as I’m sure you do, but I’m convinced that many others don’t.  I don’t mind paying – honest, I don’t.  What I object to is the thought that others are not paying their fair share.  Sometimes this may be through an innocent misunderstanding, but sometimes I’m sure it’s through deliberate action.  Can I call these people “dodgers”?

So how can we catch the tax dodgers?  If we can catch them, then maybe our state and local government offices can continue to provide the level of service we’ve expected of them rather than having to cut-back in light of the recession we find ourselves in.

I was reading about a number of examples where state authorities have actually been raising taxes … without raising taxes.  Sounds implausible doesn’t it?

For example, the State of Texas uses data integration technology to recover $70 million per year in uncollected sales and use taxes.  How do they do this?  They use Identity Resolution, technology which enables companies and government organizations to search and match identity data in batch and real-time.  Have a look at our website to understand how Identity Resolution is helping organizations find criminals, uncover tax fraud and help ‘raise’ taxes without really raising taxes.

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Catching Terrorists And Making The World A Safer Place

The 9/11 commission report stated that,

Secure identification should begin in the United States. The federal government should set standards for the issuance of birth certificates and sources of identification, such as drivers’ licenses. Fraud in identification documentation is no longer just a problem of theft. At many entry points to vulnerable facilities, including gates for boarding aircraft, sources of identification are the last opportunity to ensure that people are who they say they are…

We are now more acutely aware of the threat of terrorism than ever before and every society attempts to protect their citizens from it. Yet we live in a world where travel is easy.  We can move from place to place in a way that our grand-parents never believed possible. (more…)

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Informatica: Data Integration Olympics, and being followed …

It’s been an interesting week over at Informatica.  The airwaves have been buzzing with comment.  A blog posting appeared from Vincent McBurney looking in detail at our success and customer growth – it sometimes amazes me where all this information comes from.  I loved the title – “Data Integration Olympics: Informatica versus IBM, SAP, Microsoft and Oracle“.  Take a read – it’s very insightful.

Then we were named as a Market Leader in the 2008 CRM Awards for Data Quality.  Meanwhile over at the TDWI conference a good colleague of mine, John Haddad, recorded a podcast with Claudia Imhoff where he spoke on data latency issues, including the need to deliver data in real time so organizations can operate at the “speed of business.”  You might like to check it out here.

I was also delighted to see an article appear in InternetNews talking about “IBM catching up with Informatica“.  Welcome to the party!  Since the close of our acquisition of Identity Systems three months ago, we’ve heard first-hand from many customers how much they value Informatica’s ability to provide them with a single view of their customers, and in particular the ability to do cross-language matching.

If you only have time for one sentence, here’s one of my favorites … “Right now, IBM is playing catch-up to Informatica (NASDAQ: INFA) in a rapidly growing market.”

You might like to check out our demo showing how we have already completed the integration between our data quality solutions and Identity resolution.  It’s a neat demo showing “making the complex simple, and the impossible possible”.

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Is Informatica Getting Into the Master Data Management Business?

That question has been raised several times in recent weeks by various analysts and journalists. First, Informatica acquired Identity Systems, which provides the core matching technology used by several Master Data Management (MDM) solutions. At that point, Rob Karel of Forrester speculated on what our next step would be in MDM. Then, partnerships with Initiate and Siperian were announced a few weeks ago during our Informatica World user conference. This posting by Loraine Lawson comments on those announcements and whether Informatica is getting into the MDM space.

So-are we getting into MDM? The simple answer is Informatica is already in MDM-we have been helping customers for years to create a meaningful, trusted and valuable system of master records. Informatica provides the critical data integration and data quality underpinnings for MDM. Customers use Informatica to get data out of other systems and loaded into their master data solution, to make sure that the data is clean and stays clean, and to get the master data back out to consuming applications. And, of course, several MDM solution providers embed Informatica identity resolution technology for matching master records.

So yes, we are in the MDM space. But we don’t provide the MDM application or solution itself. We support whatever MDM application the customer chooses-be that a packaged or homegrown solution. That’s why we partner with MDM vendors including Initiate, Siperian, Orchestra Networks, Oracle and D&B (Purisma) – to make sure our solutions work well together for customers.

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