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Who’s the Top MDM Vendor – IBM, SAP, Oracle, or Informatica?

The MDM space is filled by a number of well-known players. In addition to Informatica, you’ll also find IBM, Oracle, SAP, and a host of other vendors. But who’s the leader of this space?

The Information Difference is an analyst firm that specializes in MDM, and this firm has been watching the MDM space for years. Recently, The Information Difference compared 12 different MDM vendors, ranked them using 200 criteria, and published their findings in a report of the MDM landscape for Q2, 2013. The firm compared the vendors’ MDM offerings across 6 categories: data governance, business rules, data quality, data storage, data provision, and data movement.


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Evolving from Chaos to Competitiveness: The Emerging Architecture of Next-Generation Data Integration

To compete on Big Data and analytics, today’s always-on enterprise needs a well-designed evolving high-level architecture that continuously provides trusted data originating from a vast and fast-changing range of sources, often with different formats, and within different contexts.

To meet this challenge, the art and science of data integration is evolving, from duplicative, project-based silos that have consumed organizations’ time and resources to an architectural approach, in which data integration is based on sustainable and repeatable data integration practices – delivering data integration automatically anytime the business requires it. (more…)

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It’s Messaging Spock – But Not As You Know It!

During the past three weeks I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know our new colleagues at 29West.  I’ve also spoken to many individuals in different industries, members of the media, industry analysts and a fair number of colleagues about Informatica’s acquisition of 29West.  The one question I am consistently being asked from all of these individuals is  – are you getting into the messaging game?  Why are you calling it “zero latency data integration”?

I find this quite interesting since it is clearly an acquisition that takes us into “messaging”, but not in the traditional old-fashioned sense of the word.

“Messaging” has been around for many years and is a general technology category that has really seen little innovation – except in the segment of “low latency”.  29West has led this innovation by producing something which takes messaging to a new level.  They call it “Ultra Messaging” or “Ultra Low-Latency Messaging”. (more…)

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Key Learnings from Gartner MDM Summit

The Siperian team is back in the office after attending the Gartner MDM Summit in Los Angeles last week. As usual, it was a great event for picking up on the latest developments in the field, meeting the analysts who cover MDM, and hearing from the organizations and endusers in the field who are using MDM to resolve their business challenges.

The topic getting the most buzz at the Summit was the shift towards “multidomain MDM.” We heard this from both analysts and vendors, and we were pleased to hear Siperian mentioned frequently in presentations as a vendor that “knows how to do multidomain MDM.”

Of the delegates I interacted with, and there were 330 in attendance total, the consensus was that the analyst presentations and advanced use cases from firms with MDM implementations were real highlights. Among these were case studies presented by Siperian customers Cephalon and Johnson & Johnson. Johnson & Johnson was also highlighted as a past Gartner MDM Excellence Award winner.

Some general notes from the conference:
• Gartner expects the market for MDM to grow from $1.1 billion (in license revenue) in 2008 to $3 billion in 2013.
• North America is still the largest market for MDM (over 50%) followed by Europe (35%).
• IBM, SAP and Oracle control 40% of the MDM market, while specialists like Siperian control 30%.
• Analysts are saying that there’s a “land grab” on for multidomain MDM, but most vendors have yet to span master data province.

Siperian news from the conference:
• John Radcliffe presented the CDI magic quadrant and mentioned Siperian as a “good best-of-breed company.”
• Siperian was recognized as a “multidomain MDM” player in the analyst charts, and was also mentioned as one of the top 5 vendors that can handle customer data.
• Siperian was named a “company to watch” for product data.
• Siperian receives the 4th most inquiries from prospects behind SAP, Oracle, and IBM.
• As a platinum sponsor, Siperian had 4 customer sessions and an evening cocktail session as well. For everyone who attended our events: Thanks!

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Informatica: Data Integration Olympics, and being followed …

It’s been an interesting week over at Informatica.  The airwaves have been buzzing with comment.  A blog posting appeared from Vincent McBurney looking in detail at our success and customer growth – it sometimes amazes me where all this information comes from.  I loved the title – “Data Integration Olympics: Informatica versus IBM, SAP, Microsoft and Oracle“.  Take a read – it’s very insightful.

Then we were named as a Market Leader in the 2008 CRM Awards for Data Quality.  Meanwhile over at the TDWI conference a good colleague of mine, John Haddad, recorded a podcast with Claudia Imhoff where he spoke on data latency issues, including the need to deliver data in real time so organizations can operate at the “speed of business.”  You might like to check it out here.

I was also delighted to see an article appear in InternetNews talking about “IBM catching up with Informatica“.  Welcome to the party!  Since the close of our acquisition of Identity Systems three months ago, we’ve heard first-hand from many customers how much they value Informatica’s ability to provide them with a single view of their customers, and in particular the ability to do cross-language matching.

If you only have time for one sentence, here’s one of my favorites … “Right now, IBM is playing catch-up to Informatica (NASDAQ: INFA) in a rapidly growing market.”

You might like to check out our demo showing how we have already completed the integration between our data quality solutions and Identity resolution.  It’s a neat demo showing “making the complex simple, and the impossible possible”.

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