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Cloud Integration for Hybrid IT at Informatica World

Darren Cunningham, vice president, Informatica Cloud talks about what you can expect around Cloud Integration at this year’s Informatica World. Hear from customer, partner and Informatica experts …

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Much Ado About Nothing

All the talk about whether or not healthcare organizations will adopt cloud solutions is much ado about nothing – the simple fact is that they already have adopted cloud solutions and the trend will only accelerate.

The typical hospital IT department is buried under the burden of supporting hundreds of legacy and departmental systems, the multi-year implementation of at least one if not more enterprise electronic health record applications to meet the requirements of meaningful use, all the while contending with a conversion to ICD10 and a litany of other never-ending regulatory and compliance mandates. And this is happening in an economic climate of decreasing reimbursements and flat or declining IT budgets. (more…)

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The Enterprise Data Archive For Hybrid IT

Data volumes are exploding. We see it all around us. The problem is that too much data can have a very negative impact on user productivity. Think about how long it takes to sift through emails after returning from vacation? Consider how long it takes to complete a purchase on an Ecommerce sight on Black Friday? The more data, the longer any of these processes take and the more time spent combing through more and more data.  Informatica has been successfully working with Symantec and our customers through our partnership to help them find ways to control the impact of ‘too much data’. We are helping them to define projects that improve their ability to meet SLAs and application performance, reduce costs and mitigate any compliance risks – all while IT budgets remain relatively flat. (more…)

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Informatica 9.5 for Big Data Challenge #1: Cloud

Just five years ago, there was a perception held by many in our industry that the world of data for enterprises was simplifying. This was in large part due to the wave of consolidation among application vendors. With SAP and Oracle gobbling up the competition to build massive, monolithic application stacks, the story was that this consolidation would simplify data integration and data management. (more…)

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Big Data Unleashed Part 6: Dream Big When Cloud Meets Big Data

Darren Cunningham of Informatica described a pivotal transition happening in an enterprise on Sandhill.com – From Cloud Skeptical to Cloud Curious to Cloud First. “For most people working in IT organizations today, cloud computing is very much the here and now.” But it wasn’t too long ago in most organizations that cloud computing was the point of contention:  business could not wait for IT to deliver what they needed so they tried to get up and running faster by resorting to cloud implementations.  Faster and cheaper was the king.  Many IT organizations were in a state of turmoil about how to respond to this possibility of cloud computing (and specifically software as a service (SaaS) applications, potentially making their jobs irrelevant.  With increasing economic pressures to content with, CIOs were asked to explain what cloud means to their organizations and present their plans to outsource applications, platforms and infrastructure to cloud providers.  Meanwhile, business executives were thinking that they could access better, cheaper, and more reliable services via cloud applications. (more…)

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Video: “Hybrid IT – Integrating SaaS and Legacy Systems”

All About the Cloud 2011 – Darren Cunningham talks about “Hybrid IT – Integrating SaaS and Legacy Systems”

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Taking Cloud Integration To The Enterprise

Taking Cloud Integration to the Enterprise

Yesterday Chris Boorman wrote about the Informatica Cloud Summer 2011 release. He outlined the four key areas of focus for this and all future Informatica Cloud releases:

  • Simplicity
  • Enterprise-Class
  • Unified Hybrid Deployment
  • Universal Cloud Integration

Here is a brief video overview of each of these categories highlighting what’s new in the Summer 2011 release. You may also be interested in attending our deep-dive webinar on Thursday and checking out some of the initial coverage of the announcement (see below).

Informatica Cloud Summer 2011 In the News:

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Cloud Data Integration For Hybrid IT

Today we made a significant announcement regarding our cloud strategy under the heading of “Cloud Data Integration for Hybrid IT”.  Exciting!  We sent out various official communications such as a press release, a list of partner quotes supporting the launch here, YouTube videos showing the new release in action and a link to a launch webinar on 5th May here.  I wanted to give you my perspective on why I think this is such a big deal … (more…)

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Cloud Slam ’11: The Importance Of Cloud Integration For Hybrid IT

Cloud Slam ’11 is the first hybrid event that I’ve been a part of – in other words, its both virtual and live. Naturally I’ll be doing a session focusing on the hybrid reality of today’s IT organization and the importance of cloud data integration.

I even have a few free passes if you’re interested in attending this or other sessions. (Sorry, it’s first come first serve.) (more…)

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