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The Power Of Data

I was happy to do an architect-to-architect Webinar with David Lyle, which was more of an interactive conversation than a Webinar.  The focus was on the ability to provide integration using data virtualization, but the message was perhaps more profound than that.

The core issues that many enterprises face are that information is largely an asset that they cannot access.  The data is locked up within years and years of ill planned databases and applications where the core data, such as customer and sales information, is scattered throughout the enterprise.  Most staffers and executives consider this to be “just the way it is.” (more…)

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Data Governance, Data Quality And MDM

I had a customer meeting (large insurance company) last week. The customer wanted to know how technology could help deliver trusted data across the enterprise. They know that their data has big problems. They know that the solution involves new processes and responsible roles to deliver fit-for-purpose data. They know they need a single source of the truth – a hub. A most compelling comment was “you can’t govern something until you have something to govern – that why we need a hub”. This statement started a debate on what comes first – data quality / data governance processes or the hub.


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